About my adviser Greed Master RSI 50

About my adviser Greed Master RSI 50

25 September 2016, 19:05
Oleg Papkov

EA is published. Now waiting for the publication of version 1.1 with Manager Stop Loss and Take Profit. Carved adviser. It turned out good. I like it. Uses two directions in parallel. The Short and Long. Launch transaction opens in the RSI indicator, namely, if the indicator is above 70 or below 30, if open trades in the direction of no, that is the opening of the starting lot. Further, if the direction is correctly guessed, it is guessed, though, it would seem that the indicator upon reaching the take profit, the trade is closed. If the direction is not matched, then the building of a network of transactions with the step (the possible uneven steps) with the increase of the lot (possible unevenness of growth) in order to approximate breakeven and take profit for the departed price. 

Why I said that the direction guessed. Just "white noise", and the price movement is basically a mathematical concept of "white noise" ( an example of white noise – listening to the radio in the absence of radio, to watch TV, did not find the channel or watch the end of the hose from which the high pressure jet of water arises, was this childish to run away or jump through a hose.) Only in the Forex market is pure math with its laws. Technical analysis. That is, the trends in different time frames. And our favorite news. Who is favorite, who does not. The fundamental analysis. That is how it seemed to me, it's much worse than "white noise".

Came to the conclusion that this is a big enough "guess." The Advisor is not smarter than me, he's part of me. I can't exactly do the right thing 10 transactions from 10. There are false swings, insignificant movements, etc . All indicators seem to lag or repaint under the course. And I realized that the most accurate and fast indicator is the rate of the currency pair. I looked at him. And again understood, but is t that the transaction can be started at any time and in any direction. And the best couple in different directions. Give the stop loss more and one ends in one place, with a reasonable take profit. And  the other in another. But here "Thank God." 

Suddenly intervenes or appears on the market, a strong enough trend in some direction and, if unequal take-profits and Stop-lossov I'm at a loss on every third pair of transactions. Moreover, total profit is equal to total loss. The loss of time and nerves, well, that is not the loss of money. Thought. What if you spit on those stop losses . Made the Advisor  to build in the not-predicted direction, the network transactions of the first (do not guessed) direction but a lot more. N trades with increasing lot , move up General the breakeven price to pullback. Symbol price inevitably changes direction and the former losing trade with a large lot is privatekey and the whole network that has accumulated a large shared lot is closed at take profit. Profit more than if you would have guessed. It turns out that in any direction make a deal – you spoil. Such is the mechanism. 

Advisor earned such constructions in both directions simultaneously, Hejira, purely statistically, himself. I looked at the step and increase the lot and realized. The EA covered this way , so to say, technical analysis. Networks. Especially in  the  flat. Remained  fundamental analysis – news and the strong rare recoilless trend currency intervention. The crisis of 2008, I realized, but in the price movement , even at that time, was almost always setbacks that any of the workers there trends, even harsh not to be afraid. And that news is the type of Brexit for GBP and foreign exchange intervention – the most evil Auntie in the market. :) 

Uh, check it out EA for the year 2015, allowing him to start a decent demo money and saw that for 2015 substantial drawdown occurs 3-4 times. This is the evil aunt. 4 divided by 260 (as an average of trading days in a year) and the likelihood of trouble was 0.015. Going outside , in my opinion, the probability of some unpleasant events sometimes higher. So what? Not to go outside. 

In case of such troubles has made in the EA locking. Automatic level equalization of the MarginLevel lots in both directions to better times. In short. Did the button "Lock" to the trader at will in any situation could do it. By the way the buttons in the tester do not work. On a Demo or in reality.  Made  the buttons to open pending orders. The manual button opening trades. Digging manual lot set for pending orders or just transactions. Info button about the properties  of the account and character. Yes. All affixed by hand has the same Magic as automatic. This means that the adviser will be to handle them. Did, in  my opinion, a very important thing for such a trade tactics, when you have the resources and the need to manually push the breakeven to starting the roll back, making a deal at the current rate but need to know a lot, which moves the line to the desired location. Made a buttons on the Board. Pressed, you get a line. Move to the right place, and above it a number that indicates the lot. And as soon as funds  for the transaction ceases to suffice, the numbers change color to red. A very useful thing  for the selected tactics.

Changing step, going through different options, I came to the conclusion. That design with scaling mesh . At step 6 on EURUSD M15 and Deposit of 5000 is adequate daylight. And earnings 10, 13, 17. 50 transactions a day. 60 minutes*24 hours=1440 minutes divided by 50 trades = 28 minutes of the transaction. 50 transactions multiplied by the lot of 0.01 – 0.5 lot per day will be typed. 2 days and 1 lot. Rebates earn. At step 30, and the minimum lot you can do about it do to forget for years.

The joke, of course.  Earnings of course small. Spinning spit. And got game. Accidentally put a grid step of 0.2 and left the game time from 19 GMT to 20. And  launched for testing. At large that demo money , small step and hour market presence. Look. Daily earnings  of 300,000 per day, 20000 150000. Well, I think here. Yes. All the screenshots on my page and  in my Pocket. Only put in a so-called Pocket I put and get still have not learned.:)

Prepared the EA Greed Master Net PO15 update v1.3.

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