Scalping with Currency IMPULSE

Scalping with Currency IMPULSE

14 September 2016, 16:06
Bernhard Schweigert
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The principle idea is buying strength and selling weakness. This is a fundamental strategy for investors in all marketplaces. Most amateur retail traders in Forex either ignore this winning strategy or are unaware of it.

With this strategy we look at individual currencies rather than currency pairs and then buy the strong currency and sell it against the weak currency. This will give your trading a real edge.

When most traders look at a chart to find a trade setup they would need to check 28 charts to understand what the Forex market is doing. When you use the the Currency Strength28 strategy you only look at currencies, not pairs, and for that we need to check only ONE CHART!

So lets first have a look at the 8 main currencies which are:

US Dollar, Euro, Yen and Pound, these are the most important because they have the largest trading volume, then there are Swiss Franc, Australian, Canadian and New Zealand Dollars.

Remember in any chart there are two currencies they are called the BASE and the QUOTE currency.To maximize your wins and minimize your losses you need to know what an individual currency is doing in the context of the whole market.

To extract all needed information I have released Advanced Currency IMPULSE with ALERT Indicator. A deeper analyses of the currency about impulse or acceleration and speed will be printed. This will help to take decisions about pair and direction.

IMPULSE helps you to spot turning points. We read only the extreme picks. Don't forget to invert the reading of the quote currency.


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