+30% in 4 months

+30% in 4 months

6 July 2016, 22:45
Andrew Kreimer

Our Scientific FOREX Trading approach has made more than 35,000 pips, 1000 trades and +30% ROI on 10,000$ account in just 4 months! Our trading algorithms have shown the power of Machine Learning and Big Data analysis. Analyzing terabytes of historical data with intensive Data Mining approach and a wide variety of bleeding edge technologies, we are able to revolutionize Algorithmic Trading for the retail investors.


Trading performance, March - June 2016

Nowadays Algorithmic Trading remains an obscure art of the big boys. It's all about latency, physical closeness and superiority of computing power combined with a collection of top scientists, quants and data wizards. Dear retail investors, you have no place in this arena because you have no chance.

Our approach is different, we will not pursue the latency, rather we will trade on H1, H4 or D1 charts and handle the latency/delays/off quotes easily and transparently. The market infrastructure is not part of our approach, we don't apply HFT (High Frequency Trading), we use standard PCs and moreover you could run the algorithm easily from your home without fancy IT.


Scientific FX Trading 

Scientific FX Trading in action

We apply pure technical analysis with most of the available indicators in MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. On top of the basic indicators we add a lot of variations and custom made levels to improve the prediction accuracy. We support our trading by back-testing for long periods and multiple setups to verify model consistency.

Join our scientific trading approach today. You can try it for free by following us on twitter, facebook, StockTwits, Google+ or by subscribing to our MetaTrader 4 signals. Visit www.algonell.com for more details.

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