I finally found one! A reasoned argument on Brexit

21 June 2016, 16:01
Sherif Hasan

It's taken a while but finally someone has managed to put forward some sensible reasoning on the EU vote

Thumbs up to Andrew Lilico of Europe Economics for presenting some interesting analysis on one side of the argument, and Timothy Lee from Vox for bringing it to our attention.

The interview is an argument for the UK to vote out, but does so not with scaremongering and grandstanding but analysis of the European project as a whole, for example;

"And as long as we remain within the EU, we are a blockage upon the EU achieving its proper destiny. The euro project was supposed to have the institutions to make it work. Because Britain is in the EU - and not part of the common currency - that has meant that the euro has not been able to take control of institutions properly. That has then turned into economic or political catastrophes in countries like Spain and Greece, where we've had 20 to 30 percent unemployment.

Once we withdraw, the EU will be able to become a unified state. It will allow the EU to grow faster, which will be to our advantage as well."

I would urge anyone involved in Brexit to read this fully to not only get a great view of one side of the Brexit case but to gauge how arguments should have been presented in a well educated manner.

The full article is here

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