EURUSD,  All the way down ?

EURUSD, All the way down ?

3 April 2016, 16:59
Mazen Hesham

Eurusd April 2016

EURUSD has been forming a rising wedge on the daily time frame since December 2015, And now we are reaching its ceiling and waiting for either two scenarios:
  • First Scenario: Breakout of the wedge upward when it crosses 1.1450 strong resistance.
  • Second Scenario: Falling down to the base of the rising trend forming the wedge at levels of 1.0600/50, Then we will begin to think of another two scenarios, either a strong breakout downward, or continuation of the upward trend till the neck of the wedge.




- Wait for a strong downward move breaking . . . Read More in source link
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