How to select the right News events for trading

How to select the right News events for trading

25 August 2014, 15:52
Daniel Stein
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Dear customers, friends and interested traders,

the results of our fully automated EA based on the Blueball Trading System made clear how important the selection of the right news events is.

We were not very happy with the assessment of the news made by and had to take a few losses after overestimated economic news events. 

As a result of this experience we developed a new selection process we want to share with you to improve your trading results with our Blueball Trading System.


The first and most important rule is: 

Don't enter a trade during meeting minutes, press conferences or speaks! Trade only at reliable hard fact news. But which ones?


The used sources for the selection are the economic calenders of and and filter for high impact news only.

Below you'll see both calenders with the high impact news events side by side to compare them and all matches are highlighted.



As a result of your analysis you'll find only six events where both sources and economic calenders expect a high impact for the base currency and

these six events are exactly the ones we select to take our chances according to the rules of the Blueball Trading System. 

Best regards and happy pips












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