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Google Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG), is Mountain View, California-based technology company that builds products and provides services to organize the information.

Founded in 1998, the firm offers Google Search, which provides information online; AdWords, an auction-based advertising program; DoubleClick Ad Exchange, a marketplace for the trading display ad space; YouTube that offers video, interactive, and other ad formats; Android, an open source mobile software platform; hardware products, including Chromebook, Chrome OS devices, Chromecast, and Nexus devices; Google Play, a cloud-based digital entertainment store for apps, music, books, and movies; Google Drive, a place for users to create, share, collaborate, and keep their stuff; and Google Wallet, a virtual wallet for in-store contactless payments and a number of other services.

Moreover, the company provides Google Apps, which include Gmail, Docs, Slides, Drawings and a number of others.

Google Market Cap for April 1, 2015 was 370.84B.