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What’s Expected: Why Is This Event Important: A marked picked up in private sector consumption may encourage the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) normalize monetary policy sooner rather than later, and we may see a growing number of central bank officials adopt a more hawkish tone for monetar...
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Sergey Golubev, 12 September 2014, 11:14 #FOMC
This isdetailed guide to profiting from trend reversals using the technical analysis of price action The key to being a successful trader is finding a system that works and sticking with it. Author Al Brooks has done just that...
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Volya, 12 September 2014, 03:11 #price action
On Thursday the euro was steady near three week highs against the Swiss franc, a day after Switzerland’s central bank warned that negative interest rates remained an option to enforce the cap on the franc...
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News, 11 September 2014, 14:07 #Swiss National Bank
2014-09-11 01:30 GMT (or 03:30 MQ MT5 time) | [AUD - Employment Change] past data is -4.1K forecast data is 15.2K actual data is 121.0K according to the latest press release if actual > forecast (or actual data) = good for currency (for AUD in our case...
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Sergey Golubev, 11 September 2014, 10:08
On Wednesday the dollar kept up near 14-month highs against the other major currencies, as growing expectations for an early hike in U.S. interest rates continued to raise the US currency...
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News, 10 September 2014, 13:05 #usd/cad, usd/jpy, GBP/USD
The Role of Central Banks Central banks are at the heart of the financial system of any given country in that they are the authorities controlling the supply of money, and therefore control how a regions economy functions...
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Patti, 10 September 2014, 12:11 #Interest Rate, ECB
When markets move, particularly in Forex, they move fast. We all have witnessed breakouts and have had the occasion to lament a trade that got away. The beginning trader sees breakouts as a way of riding a strong wave of volatility and providing a quick profit...
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Mike Dennis, 9 September 2014, 21:11 #breakout
The greenback rose to a 14-month high on Tuesday as investors tweaked bets on an early hike in U.S. interest rates, burdening oil, gold and stocks in the energy majors...
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News, 9 September 2014, 12:22 #dax, Nikkei, Brent
AUDJPY AUD/JPY provides opportunities for traders of all time frames, and offers opportunities to traders who love volatility as well as range trading. Because it is held as a carry trade, it is highly sensitive to interest rate outlook changes in both Australia and Japan...
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Volya, 9 September 2014, 03:11 #CPI, GDP
Bitcoin (BTC/USD) declined 3.3%, or $15.76, on Slovenia-based BitStamp to trade at $461.78 during U.S. morning hours, as speculators continued to exit the market amid bearish chart signals. Prices fell to a session low of $457.57, a level not seen since August 19...
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News, 8 September 2014, 16:32 #bitcoin
On Monday the dollar was at 14-month highs against the basket of other major currencies, while the pound fell steeply as a new poll with and prospects for Scottish independence pressured the currency lower...
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News, 8 September 2014, 14:03 #usd/cad, eur/gbp, ECB
The dollar/yen has been very interesting since the start of the financial crisis. When the equity markets fell, the USA embarked on a huge amount of quantitative easing which served to weaken the Dollar...
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Patti, 8 September 2014, 12:11
The pound sterling could drop more than 10%. This week was the worst for the UK currency in more than a year and lead for "yes" campaign could accelerate slide. Nervous traders have already begun to sell the pound in response to narrowing polls...
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Alice F, 8 September 2014, 10:07
GBPJPY Long the most popular carry trade in the market, high volatility in the GBP/JPY makes it an excellent medium-term range trade as well! Highly sensitive to interest rate outlook changes and change in the economy of the UK and Japan, the GBP/JPY can make powerful, sweeping moves...
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Volya, 8 September 2014, 03:11
GBPCHF GBP/CHF experiences a high degree of volatility, and is perfect for traders who like to catch big moves in the market! It is the most popular carry trade in the FX market aside from GBP/JPY...
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Volya, 7 September 2014, 03:11 #gbpchf
One of the main key's to successful trading is the preservation of capital...
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Lonny Strike, 6 September 2014, 12:11
On Friday the euro was deep in the red, having suffered its highest dip in three years after the European Central Bank stunned markets by cutting interest rates and embarking on a trillion-euro asset-buying binge...
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News, 5 September 2014, 14:54 #dax, FTSE 100, Mario Draghi
Indonesia has huge potential for Bitcoin and as the number of Bitcoin users is expanding in the country, some companies are looking to explore the market well; one of them is
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BlondieNews, 5 September 2014, 03:11 #bitcoin
On Thursday the euro decreased against the other major currencies after the European Central Bank unexpectedly cut interest rates across the euro zone, in response to slowing growth and inflation...
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News, 4 September 2014, 14:38 #eur/gbp, ECB, EUR/USD
On Thursday the pound was steady, as investors looked ahead to monetary policy announcements by the Bank of England and the European Central Bank later in the day...
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News, 4 September 2014, 12:18 #eur/gbp, GBP/USD