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Trend Switch by LataLab

    A unique author's strategy that simultaneously determines the trend reversal, entry points and estimated profit levels for each transaction. The indicator can determine entry points on any trading period, starting with the M5 chart to W1. At the same time, for the convenience of the user, an arrow is always drawn at a certain point and the recommended profit levels (Take Profit1, Take Profit2, Manual Take Profit) the Stop Loss level is also displayed.
      A great advantage of the indicator Trend Switch by LataLab is the presence of a dashboard in which the user can see up-to-date information on potential entry points at the same time on all trading instruments on which the indicator is installed.

        To visualize the operation of the indicator's trading algorithm was created the Visual Panel. The panel shows the areas of potential entry points for Buy and Sell. Profit levels - Take Profit and loss limits - Stop Loss are calculated automatically for each trading period, depending on the volatility of the currency pair and the time frame set by the user. In this indicator, the user can independently set the installation level on the trading chart of the desired profit - Manual TP.

        Strategy features

        Trend Switch Switch by LataLab never redraws

        • Market entry levels:
            • Up arrow - buy signal.
            • Down arrow - sell signal.
        • Take Profit Levels:
            • Take Profit 1 Level - first Take Profit Scalping goal, a tick appears when it reaches.
            • Take Profit 2 Level - Second Take Profit Global Target, when reached, a check mark appears.
            • Manual Take Profit level - Take Profit is set by the user manually based on his own strategy; when reached, a check mark appears.
        • Stop Loss Level - a cross appears when reaching.

        Indicator Parameters

        • Manual Take Profit (ON/OFF) - install TP manually.
        • Take Profit, pips - TP size in pips.
        • Alert and Sound (ON/OFF)
        • Only Sound (ON/OFF)
        • Email-notification (ON/OFF)
        • Push-notification Enter (ON/OFF)
        • Push-notification TP and SL (ON/OFF)
        • Reversal zones (ON/OFF)
        • Active Buy Zone color
        • Active Sell Zone color
        • no longer relevant Buy Zone color
        • no longer relevant Sell Zone color
        • Color template (ON/OFF)
        • Color Arrow Up
        • Color Arrow Down
        • Color Take Profit
        • Color Stop Loss
        • Color Level Entry
        • Color Level Take Profit
        • Color Level Manual Take Profit
        • Color Level Stop Loss 
        • Panel (ON/OFF) - display information panel.

        Anastasiya Matveeva
        Anastasiya Matveeva 2019.09.03 09:36 

        Приобрела индикатор! Основан на логике перекупленности - перепроданности! Граальности никакой нет, как пишут в предыдущем посте. Автор на сообщения не реагирует месецами. Работать можно, но приходится усредняться и заходить по мартину, у меня за несколько месяцев было максимум 7 перезаходов. Индикатор контртрендовый, менее чем на часовом графике работать нет смысла. Инструкции от автора никаких нет, SET файлов к индикатору не приложено, если есть у кого еще вопросы пишите в личку! Денег своих не стоит, поэтому автор и не отвечает, думаю остальные продукты с таким же сценарием.

        Purchased indicator! Based on the logic of overbought-oversold! The reality is no, write in the previous post. The author of the message does not respond for months. You can work, but have to be averaged and to go on to Martin, I have for several months had a maximum of 7 peresudov. The indicator is countertrend, there is no sense to work on less than an hour chart. Instructions from the author no, SET files to the indicator is not attached, if anyone else has questions write in PM! Its not worth the money, so the author is not responsible, I think other products with the same scenario.

        Firestarter 2019.02.12 08:34 

        I made my purchase today and Trend switch by LataLab is superb. when I attach to my chart and see it, the previous signal is truly right and if you could buy other Olena other's indicator such as Cosmic Big deals and Diviner Reversal that I owned it, It does really help to multiply your profits. I am so lucky to have your product Olena. Great and thank you.