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Change size volume lot signals

Wenn Sie Signale auf der Webseite mql5.com vermieten, um Investitionsgewinn zu erzielen, dann wird die Größe von lot auf Ihrem Software MT4 begrenzt, die aus Signalen empfangen haben, um Risiken zu verringern. Weil die Größe von lot Warenbestellung zu klein ist, ist der Investitionsgewinn auch sehr klein.

Das ist ein Hilfsmittel zur Vergrößerung der Größe der Warenbestellung um den Investitionsgewinn mehr zu erhöhen. Diese Hilfsmittel ist automatisch die Warenbestellung aus der originellen Warenbestellung zu kopieren. Die Kopie-Warenbestellung hat die Größe mit Multiplikationskoeffizient in Abhängigkeit davon, dass Sie aus den Parameter erklären. Alle Prozesse Öffnen der Warenbestellung und Schließen der Warenbestellung werden automatisch aufgrund der originellen Warenbestellung durchgeführt. Es ist auch automatisch, die Werte stop loss und take profit zu kopieren.


Sie möchten die Größe dreifach erhöhen.

  • Originelle Warenbestellung (Erhalt vom Signal- Anbieter): 0.01 lot
  • Kopie - Warenbestellung (đơn hàng Kopie – Warenbestellung wird aus Hilfsmittel erzeugt): 0.02 lot
  • Sie sollten Parameter lot multiplier: 2 installieren.
  • Gesamte Anzahl von lot Warenbestellung: 0.01 + 0.01 * 2 (lot multiplier) = 0.03 lot
  • So erhöht Ihre Größe von 0.01 bis 0.03.

Anmerkung: Sie werden diese Hilfsmittel nur auf einen Computer / vps, 1 Fenster und 1 Diagramm / 1 Konto installieren. Die Hilfsmittel funktionieren automatisch auf allen Währungscoden. Wenn Sie die Hilfsmittel auf vielen Computer / vps (oder viele Diagramme) gleichzeitig installieren, dann sind der Zustand doppelter Kopie- Warenbestellung stattgefunden.


  • Lot_multiplier - Lotvervielfacher. Losgröße = Lot_multiplier x Losgröße des Anbieters.
  • Defaut_lot_size - Losgröße standardmäßig, 0 - deaktiviert.- Maximum_lot_size
  • Maximales Handelsvolumen. Wenn (Lot_multiplier x-Anbieters Losgröße)> Maximum_lot_size, ist die Losgröße gleich
  • MinimumOrder, 0 - disabled- Minimum_lot_size - Mindestvolumen im Handel. Wenn (Lot_multiplier x-Anbieter-Losgröße) <Minimum_lot_size, ist die Losgröße gleich MinimumOrder, 0 - deaktiviert- Limit_number_positions - Begrenzen Sie die Nummer des kopierten Auftrags
  • New_order - kopieren Sie einfach die neue Bestellung.
  • Send_email_alerts: E-Mail-Benachrichtigungen senden, wenn hohe Absage, false - deaktiviert.
  • Drawdown_send_email: E-Mail-Benachrichtigungen senden, wenn Drawdown diesen Wert erreicht (% Drawdown)
  • Drawdown_pause_open: Unterbrechung kopierter Aufträge, wenn der Drawdown diesen Wert erreicht (% Drawdown)
  • x_minute: E-Mail-Benachrichtigungen kontinuierlich über einen Zeitraum von x Minuten senden.

Vorschläge für die Erzielung von hohe und sichere Gewinne

Bitte wählen Sie Signale-Anbieter mit dem höchsten Wachstum auf der Webseite mql5.com. Ihre höchste drawndown darf nicht mehr als 50% überstreiten. Ihr Kapital im Konto muss höher als das Kapital im Konto der Signale-Anbieter, wenn Ihr Kapital im Konto zu niedrig ist, dann sollten Sie Cent-Konto eröffnen und die Hebel gleich die Hebel der Signale-Anbieter wählen. Um am sichersten zu sein, sollten Sie nur die Größe der Warenbestellung verdoppeln (d.h: Parameter lot multiplier = 1 installieren ). Wenn im Zeitpunkt, auf dem Ihr drawdown 70% erreicht, dann stoppt vorläufig das Öffnen der Kopie -Warenbestellung und bitte geben Sie Geld auf dieses Konto ein, um Risiken zu reduzieren. Wenn der Gewinn erhöht wird, ist gleich das erste Kapital im Konto, dann sollten Sie das Geld abheben, um ein weiteres neues Konto zu eröffnen. Das neue Konto sollten Sie von einem neuen Signalen-Anbieter wählen.

Viele Kontos + Anbieter der Signale + tool change lot size = Die beste Lösung.

okba boudersa
okba boudersa 2018.11.05 20:22 

the last week no copy i don't why!!!!!!!!!!

Tokuda Yama
Tokuda Yama 2018.08.24 09:01 

Great. Thanks from your support.

Seven Obama
Seven Obama 2018.08.24 08:51 

I like your product. It works perfect. Thanks!

Siwawut Chapha
Siwawut Chapha 2018.08.22 03:59 

Change size some lot not all lot.

DD Calculate was wrong.

Email function was work.

Seller Just sell no support anything. (Send pm but not respond)

Jasmin Delalic
Jasmin Delalic 2018.06.22 17:01 

It's way too expensive and there's no reason to buy it while there are the same products for far less.

*Update* I wrote review when EA was $50. Author lowered price which means I was right that EA is overpriced. It doesn't work properly in hard conditions.

Increase volume signal
Increase volume signal 2018.06.06 03:30 

Very good product! Help me make more profit!

James.Harrisonfx 2018.04.19 11:08 

THis products when it works it is great but there is so many glitch, meaning occasionally it does not do its job properly

jasonchan620 2018.04.02 15:30   

I really cant use it? I follow the video at the bottom, but still cant use it,Can u offer me help Mr Kim?


Hongjun Yu
Hongjun Yu 2018.03.20 08:04   

kim, i meet a problem when use your ea, when signal account close Partial order, the copy account close whole order , so how to deal with this issue?

4200682 2018.03.18 20:19 

Mr. Kim, I have been trying to reach for the last several days. The EA did not work and finally I had to uninstall the EA. Now I cannot install it again. You should provide support for your product. I have made a complaint to MQL5 as I paid for a product that did not work and the author did not help. I am giving you a bad rating as I lost money with this. I will change it if you reach out to me with help.

I need help. Can you please message me? I tried to contact you but not sure whether you got my message.

yuuray 2018.03.14 05:13 

It`s working well and it`s very helpful for my trade. But I needed to go through some trials and errors.

One thing I realised is that it`s actually useful to install this EA into multiple charts when people want to have multiple copied lots in small sizes from the original trade signal rather than 1 sum of big copied lots (having 1+1+1=3 lots rather than 1+2=3 lots). There was once copied lot size exceeded 100 lots with 2 multiplier and it did not execute the trade because the original signal size exceeded 50 lots.

Why don`t you create and share a complete pdf guide of how to use this EA.

youtube video instruction even with subtitle doesn`t tell everything about how it operates.

Saying that, thank you very much for this tool!

burak bahadir
burak bahadir 2017.10.24 12:52 

Thank you for your update. This is a great tool which you can use without hesitations. I strongly recommend it.

Version 3.2 - 2017.10.24

Fix bug: No copy of limit orders.

Please fix the limit order issue

I give 5* until you fix it

Thank you

Alan Kemp
Alan Kemp 2017.09.20 21:59 

EA copies Limit Orders BEFORE they're actually executed. On 14 Aug the provider said he'd fix it but he's done nothing about it yet and no longer replies to my messages.

Stay away I'd advise - there are better EAs and better providers/developers out there.

alejoarcilacano 2017.08.24 21:00 

Great product! Very recommended!

Billy Boulden
Billy Boulden 2017.07.26 01:14 

Works exactly as described! Perfect.

rolias 2017.07.21 08:55 

Change size volume lot signals is an enhanced program. It does what it says it will do.

Once you get your head around it all it works very well and is certainly worth the trouble of learning how best to work it. The Author is very helpful and if you are really stuck he can set it up remotely for you via teamviewer. Unlike one of the competition programs whereas I found that help is just about nonexistent. Get this one as it works well ..It is well worth the money..

BambooKing 2017.06.15 03:09 

Very useful tool!

Dmitriy Maksimov
Dmitriy Maksimov 2017.04.09 22:05 

Помимо открытого ордера открывает ещё позицию с увеличенным лотом, что втрое нагружает ваш депозит. Хотелось бы простое удвоение объема от поставщика, а не дополнительное открытие.

Zhi Hua Liu
Zhi Hua Liu 2017.03.24 05:30 

A good EA, easy to copy, easy to use.

IslandBay 2017.03.17 06:42 

I've used this utility for 2 weeks now on a several live and demo accounts, mostly live accounts. I wasn't able to get it installed and running properly until after several attempts and multiple assists from Kim. It now runs properly on multiple live accounts. It's a great tool and adds a lot of additional very helpful flexibility to trading MQL5 signals.

Having said that, the installation video is incomplete in that there is no audio explaining the steps being shown on the screen. Though there is text which is helpful. The installation video goes pretty quickly, and there are a lot of steps required to use the tool properly. And without audio it can get confusing at times as to what the steps are and how to follow them. I think that I could have gotten the tool installed and running properly a lot quicker, without so many failures and mistakes, if the video had a thorough audio explanation of what the viewer is watching on the screen. Or at least additional text clarifying what needs to be done.

So from what I've seen the tool works properly once you get it installed and adjusted properly. But it's not a user friendly installation process. The learning curve is fairly steep, and the instructional video, in addition to missing an audio portion, is also missing some of the settings adjustment criteria that can only be obtained with follow up correspondence with the author, or by trial and error.

But it does appear to be further along on the development path than any of the other lot adjustment tools that I've looked at. And once you know how to use it properly it does appear to work properly from the 2 week trial on multiple live accounts that I've tested. I wouldn't want to trade MQL5 signals without it, or something comparable from another vendor. From what I've seen it's the best product of it's type currently available.

Indy1000 2017.03.07 07:43 

Perfection and precise execution, thanks.

"Change size volume lot signals" is a mouthful right?? But offers a complete solution to the Signal Lots size dilemma, it has far more options than I need or use.

Kim is extremely helpful, so don't hesitate to ask him how to setup the options to your advantage.

Like I said already, it's perfect, it gets results.

I highly recommend

jules_d1 2017.03.06 09:55 

Does exactly as described. Very little lab between orginial of duplicate trade.

This has helped me amplify the a signal and make many more $$$$.

Great support from Kim as well. Very recommended.

Andrey Souza
Andrey Souza 2017.03.03 02:22   

Hello friend .. your EA copies at most 2 orders .. when you opened another order by Trader it did not open the specified lot .. Is it normal?

javier.pardo 2017.03.02 17:47 

Thanks, Mr. Kim AMAZING tool, works really good. Awesome job, my congrats to you. 5 stars

Stefano Cera
Stefano Cera 2017.02.28 20:51 

Good tool and good (and FAST) support! Thanks you! 5 stars!

Moreno Dainese
Moreno Dainese 2017.02.18 04:54 

Top utility, good job Kim!!!!

FXBUR 2017.02.14 16:47 

Thank you Excellent system and great support from Kim.

jianototi 2017.02.10 22:32 

Cost-benefit ratio is V.low, Cheaper utilities do exist with more Selectivity options in order to minimize risks.it is nice, to have an alarm system that call you, sms you, email you in order to inform you that your house is on fire, but the fact is, it's burned.so it will be highly interesting instead, to have a good sensors that trigger water efficiently by an efficient system algorithm to prevent the fire from the first place (selectivity and Controlled amplifications).finally the execution speed is similar to those other cheaper options... sorry but it needs crucial modifications and upgrades good luck

Benan Tumkaya
Benan Tumkaya 2017.02.07 23:54 

One of the must have tools to have in your library. Works great with no problems. Author gives great support too.

b.hu 2017.02.03 05:33 

very useful tool.

Rama Vardhan Narala
Rama Vardhan Narala 2017.02.02 15:00 

Really amazing product, I strongly recommended.. Nice support.. Thank you Kim !!!

Aleksandr Romanenko
Aleksandr Romanenko 2017.02.02 14:43 

Great utility, I recommend!

Marco Berger
Marco Berger 2017.01.31 05:29 

Seit ca einer Woche in Benutzung, und er funktioniert sehr gut!

Keane 2017.01.25 13:08 

Der Benutzer hat keinen Kommentar hinterlassen

keflex 2017.01.24 17:27 

Very valuable solves a real problem with signal trade size.

Oussama Amine
Oussama Amine 2017.01.16 19:18 

Work as intended. Be sure to set it properly before activating it on a real account. I tested with the 1 month trial. Will buy when it expires. Kudos!

Grant 2017.01.10 14:51 

I have used this product. Originally had an issue trying to use it in DEMO but it won't allow you to use the DEMO version on a live account. I paid for the rental and it is working very well (I use XM but I assume it is the same regardless which broker you use as long as you attach it through your MT4). The EA follows the signal service you subscribe to and you can choose if you want it to open up trades with a fixed lot or in multiples of your signal provider (Entry, stop-loss and take profit are all copied from your signal provider). When I contacted Kim he was very prompt to reply and helpful. Enjoy.

Yongqing Li
Yongqing Li 2016.12.26 10:44 

When copies limit orders, it can not copy its limit price。

Tobias Domeier
Tobias Domeier 2016.12.23 10:34 

It copy everything not only the signals.

You can't set the name of the signel, when you use it for example in EURUSD and you make your own Trade it also will copy it.

Apple Pie
Apple Pie 2016.12.16 07:29 

Recommended tools, it really works

Kuntule Bun
Kuntule Bun 2016.12.05 00:37 

Great tool !! But video need to update with Auto trading must turn on.

Nikolay Toskov
Nikolay Toskov 2016.11.10 17:01 

It is working perfectly. But first, you must set it up properly!!!

tm0244yt 2016.10.22 02:47 

it copies the new and old trade , so the lots are more than the setting value.I hope this problem will be fixed soon.

Version 3.2 2017.10.24
Fix bug: No copy of limit orders.
Version 3.1 2017.02.22
Fixed: the EA was not copied because the computer processor is too slow.
Version 3.0 2017.02.16
Add parameters to declare the name of the signal. If you declare the name of the signal, it just copied the signal's orders
Version 2.1 2017.02.02
Fix does not work on vps mql5.com.
Version 2.0 2017.01.25

- Add the information of drawdown on the chart.
- Add the disable parameter to the opening of the copied order when drawdown reaches declared value.
- Added the feature of automatically sending email alerts when drawdown reaches declared value.
Version 1.2 2016.10.25
New version 1.02:
- Delay < 500 milliseconds.
- Additional parameters:
+ LimitOrdersEA: Limit the orders number of the EA.
+ NewOrder: If you want to just copy the new order, set = true.