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Time Remaining Pro

So incredibly useful, once you use it you will wonder why it's not built into MT4!

The most advanced candle countdown and custom timer alert indicator for MetaTrader 4.

Successful trading strategies all have one thing in common: they all rely on a candle closing before deciding what action to take. Action, reaction. Unfortunately, in MetaTrader 4, unless you have your eyes glued to the screen 24/5, it is so easy to miss amazing trading opportunities simply because you weren't looking as the candle was about to close.

And what if you want to monitor candles closing on multiple timeframes? Well you are going to have to watch multiple charts on multiple timeframes. And what if you want to be alerted before a major news event or London/New York open? Well you better set an alarm on your phone or clock to remind you.

Until now!! Never miss a trading opportunity again!

The Time Remaining Pro on-screen timer counts down to the closing time of any timeframe you choose. From M1 all the way to a monthly timeframe. You can even choose a custom date/time to countdown to.

Customizable alerts also allow you to get countdown notifications on-screen, via in-built audio and even on your mobile app (iPhone, iPad, Android etc).

Best of all, you can add as many countdown timers as you want to the one chart! No need to have multiple charts open to monitor multiple timeframes! Simply add any number of timers onto your chart and arrange them where you want via simple drag and drop.

Key Features

  • You can run one to 100 different timers, all on the one chart.
  • Select any standard MT4 timeframe for your timers, from M1 all the way up to Monthly candles.
  • Select custom dates and times to alert you of major news events or market opening/closing times.
  • You decide how long before each event you would like to be alerted.
  • Customize your charts. Drag & drop any of the timers to any place on your chart. Change fonts, colors and sizes.
  • Built in custom sound alerts tell you exactly which timer is about to close. Or, choose your own sound alert.
  • Custom on-screen alerts give you an immediate visual reference of impending countdowns.
  • Away from your PC? Turn on mobile alerts to receive notifications on your iPhone, iPad or Android device.
  • You can decide how often each timer refreshes to ensure your MetaTrader 4 terminal runs smoothly.
  • All customers receive unlimited 24/7 support.


  • Unique ID of this indicator: If you want to run more than one timer on a chart, give each timer a unique number (1, 2, 3 etc).
  • Bar TimeFrame to countdown: Select from M1 to MN to countdown that timeframe. Alternatively, selecting "Current Timeframe" will automatically change if you change the current charts timeframe. If you select "Custom date/time", you then have the option of selecting a date/time to countdown to (see next option). This is mainly used to alert you to upcoming news events happening at a certain time but can be used for whatever purpose you decide.
  • Custom date/time: If you have selected the "Custom date/time" option above, enter the date and time here.
  • Refresh rate: Controls how often the timer updates, in milliseconds. eg 1000 = 1 second. Very useful for controlling your PC resources. eg, Daily timers don't really need to update every second. Maybe think about setting higher timeframes to update every 60,000 milliseconds (1 minute).
  • Turn on sound alerts: An audio alert will sound when a timer is about to expire.
  • Custom alert wav file: Override the built in sounds.
  • Turn on text color alert: The timer will change color.
  • Alert font color: Color of the timer when text color alert is on.
  • Turn on pop-up alert: Turns on MT4's built in pop-up alert.
  • Turn on mobile app alert: Sends a notification to any MT4 mobile application connected to your account.
  • Alert triggers (x) seconds before bar end: How many seconds before the timer ends does alerts get triggered.
  • Font color: Timer label font color.
  • Font size: Timer label font size.
  • Font name: Timer label font name (eg Arial, Times New Roman etc).

Demo Version

Please note that due to the fact that MetaTrader 4 tester does not support timers or multiple timeframes, we are unable to provide a demo version of Time Remaining Pro.

RampRat 2017.08.28 03:43 

Cheers Stu, works brilliantly!