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TPA True Price Action MT4 Indicator

TPA True Price Action indicator reveals the true price action of the market makers through 100% non-repainting signals strictly at the close of a candle!

TPA shows entries and re-entries, every time the bulls are definitely stronger than the bears and vice versa. Not to confuse with red/green candles. The shift of power gets confirmed at the earliest stage and is ONE exit strategy of several.

TPA has been developed by traders for traders and is not another combination out of existing indicators or a "magic, solve all situations" tool.

It is the answer for beginners and experienced traders about the misleading concepts of the mainstream, causing 90% of retail traders, never making a living out of trading.

Successful traders are "following the smart money" and do NOT try to catch every move from start to end. Consistent traders catching the large moves after a confirmed start with a good money management. They stay out of choppy, low momentum phases in smaller timeframes and wait for the right signal to enter and re-enter the large moves.

Our free telegram group for owners of TPA, teaches ALL about the entries, re-entries, EXITS and a good mindset, for beginners and experienced traders. As well as complete TPA trading systems, easy to follow.

Once you recognize the potential of so many confirmed re-entries, exit strategies, you'll see that TPA is far from mainstream concepts. 

Profitable trading is a kind of art and needs knowledge and training. There is no magic holy grail, solving every situation on every market. By getting away from mainstream thinking, not rushing in and getting rid of illusions about being rich in a month, you are finally on the right track, getting a consistent and successful trader.

What customers say: "It took me a while to get used to TPA to understand the filters, but I see A LOT of potential for this indicator! I honestly haven`t seen something like this in 14 years! It is worth $500+!!!  (SpeedBug)

Or statement from the telegram group: "And now the goal is to get to, and remain in profit through maximum risk control. 
The only job is to cut losses quickly and let TPA take care of the rest. With mutual support and confidence-building from the group."

Successful traders do, what unsuccessful traders are unwilling to do!

Trading needs discipline and strong decisions, not a "gambling attitude"

Settings are very flexible and user-friendly, please take a look at pictures. We highly recommend to visit our blog for more insights. Link is in profile.

There is a demo version available, to run on strategy tester. A lot of articles prove, that backtesting is not meaningful for future profits. Past happenings and actions of the market makers, after news for example, cannot be used for future results.

Therefore we keep that low the price to rent TPA for a full month (less than $ 2 a day) to give everybody the chance to see by himself, what it means to follow the market makers.
Отзывы 49
Nazmul Hasan
Nazmul Hasan 2020.06.16 10:41 

Simple but powerful. Once you have got the main theme of this indicator then you can be do anything with it. No matter you are a scalper or long trader or swing trader, all solution is here. I made continuous profit with it and Now subscribe an FTMO account also to make my capital bigger. The members of TPA telegram group are awesome. They always ready to help.

Arnab Chakraborty
Arnab Chakraborty 2020.06.16 07:17 

Clearly one of the best indicators around ,no nonsense and solid support in the telegram group. You guys rock. Recommended..

Advertisyinc 2020.06.15 16:26 

amazing indicator, very good results, like everything you need to learn and understand. Very supportive author and telegram group. Deserve 5 stars. One of the best indicators i have ever bought

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Illdar 2020.09.22 02:55 

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Nazmul Hasan
Nazmul Hasan 2020.06.16 10:41 

Simple but powerful. Once you have got the main theme of this indicator then you can be do anything with it. No matter you are a scalper or long trader or swing trader, all solution is here. I made continuous profit with it and Now subscribe an FTMO account also to make my capital bigger. The members of TPA telegram group are awesome. They always ready to help.

Arnab Chakraborty
Arnab Chakraborty 2020.06.16 07:17 

Clearly one of the best indicators around ,no nonsense and solid support in the telegram group. You guys rock. Recommended..

Advertisyinc 2020.06.15 16:26 

amazing indicator, very good results, like everything you need to learn and understand. Very supportive author and telegram group. Deserve 5 stars. One of the best indicators i have ever bought

enesfaruk 2020.06.15 11:51 

An indicator that has so much potential. Was uncertain at first, but the support of the team is invaluable. I really recommend it to those who want to act independently and save a lot of time.

vishwadeep 2020.06.15 11:44 

I have been using TPA for a long time.. and it has been a money maker ... the support provided on the telegram channel is excellent and the price is way too less for the value provided.. i would say only one decent trade will cover the cost.. did for me ..cheer..

Kandasamy Senthil Kumar
Kandasamy Senthil Kumar 2020.06.11 10:54 

great indicator

rock65 2020.05.03 13:04 

I don't think the guy below is telling the truth, I have been trade with this indicator for months and I’m glad that I found this very good and wonderful TPA indicator. Now I put it on my every single chart. For my opinion, This is a must have indicator!!! Highly recommended!!!

jmhuang 2020.05.03 05:55 

HUGELY OVERRATED - too many false signals mixed with correct signals. Imagine getting a big arrow and then a collapse in price in the next candle! Author suggests to combine with other indicators to filter and get more accurate signals. In that case, i can suggest many alternatives to this product. OVERPRICED. BUYER BEWARE as there are many far cheaper alternatives which are the same and better. if i can give zero star would be correct but unfortunately i had to give one star. DO NOT TRUST THE OTHER GLOWING REVIEWS as there are many far cheaper alternatives. TRULY DISAPPOINTED.

RalfHornig 2020.04.21 20:40 

Hallo, vielen Dank für diesen richtig guten Indikator, es ist mir zuerst nicht leicht gefallen damit umzugehen, aber Dank der sehr guten Beratung von Guard klappt es jetzt schon super gut. Bin jetzt schon sehr zufrieden mit dem Indikator und den gehandelten Umsätzen. An dieser Stelle nochmal Herzlichen Dank an Guard, der wirklich ein sehr guter Berater ist und einen guten Job macht. Respekt. LG Ralf Hallo an alle, die einen Indikator brauchen der auch funktioniert!!!! Wollte nach 4 Monaten mit dem Indikator TPA Price Action und Session ein Feedback geben was jeden Interssiert: Zahlen / Fakten. Ich habe unzählige Indikatoren Kostenfreie sowie Kostenpflichtige getestet, aber keiner konnte mir so helfen das der Handel funktionierte und ich auf meinem Handelskonto (Demo) Guthaben ansammeln konnte. Da ich erst ca. 1 Jahr dabei bin was den Handel betrifft, war ich also ein Anfänger. Nun, bis ich den Indikator das erste mal bei MQL entdeckte, jetzt fühle ich mich sicher was den Handel betrifft, das liegt an der Einfachheit dieses Indikators. Nach anfänglichen Unklarheiten lief es auf einmal sehr gut auf dem Demokonto. Das Handeln mit dem Indikator TPA Price Action ist Simpel und gut und erhöht die Wahrscheinlichkeiten nach Einarbeitung um ein vielfaches. Ich wurde nach kauf der Indikatoren, per link in eine Gruppe eingeladen, die von Guard geführt wird. Guard ist der Urvater/Erfinder der Indikatoren ohne Ihn wäre ich wahrscheinlich immer noch auf der suche nach (DEM) Indikator, er hat mir bzw uns in der Gruppe so viel Unterstützung gegeben um den Indikator recht gut zu handhaben. Vielen Dank nochmals an dieser Stelle Guard. :-) Nun zu den versprochenen Fakten: Ich habe seit einer Woche ein Echtgeldkonto eröffnet. Ich konnte nach einer kleinen Testfase von 2 Tagen mit kleiner Lotzahl, mein Konto von sage und schreibe 1000 Euro auf das 3 Fache erhöhen...... Ich kann es selbst kaum glauben und muss mich manchmal zwicken ob ich träume.......:-) Es ist also für jedermann schaffbar. Ich bin nur ein einfacher Hausmeister und habe es mit TPA geschafft Geld zu verdienen....Auch und natürlich ein Dankeschön an Janusz unseren Programmierer in der Gruppe er stellt uns ab und zu nützliche kostenlose Indis zur Verfügung zb Pips und Gewinn Zähler, den man dann auch brauch :-) Ich bin überglücklich das man auch noch Hilfe erfahren hat nach dem man etwas bezahlt hat.

Magwa78 2020.03.31 23:14 

Fantastic tool one of the best that I have used I have worked with it now for months and customised my own settings and style. The group also have a Telegram group sharing Ideas and strategies I have shared my strategies in the Telegram Group and they are extremely profitable.

steedchitra 2020.03.04 15:37 

very nice indicator and perfect for market situation right now. author also make a very good manual and show different situation and strategy. I really Love this tool combining it with stochastic works really great for going in entry point.

Wills 2020.02.29 14:45 

Amazing indicator when used with the right strategy. Definitely a good piece of kit to add to your trading arsenal. Well done

threepillars 2020.02.28 16:24 

This indicator is awesome! It took some time and effort to customize it to my style. But my search for an effective trading tool is over. Very highly recommended!

Thechaser 2020.02.25 10:31 

This indicator is very good it has a lot of potential, the support from the authors is very good, the authors are very supportive there is a telegram group that they teach and share charts, settings on how to use the indicator to get profitable results. Guard is very passionate about teaching and making everyone to see the light, to be independent and a profitable trader, this is very good especially for novice, beginners and all traders in different levels.

Mihai Stanciu
Mihai Stanciu 2020.02.21 15:52 

customer support is excellent

Irfan 2020.02.12 08:59 

I recently bought this indicator but could not install it as I was not able to log in to the Mql5 community via MT4 platform. I contacted TPO customer support. Janusz helped me out of the way. He spent hours to solve this problem although it was not the problem with the product. I received an extraordinary technical support from him. 5 stars for customer support.

YannickVerstraete 2020.02.11 09:49 

Super indicator with outstanding support from the team behind it.

It takes some getting used to but once you have a understanding of how it works, you take your trading to the next level.

eiji0618 2020.02.10 06:16 

Very good indicator. In addition, supporter kindness is good.

cyberryder 2020.01.25 21:34 

it's a very interesting indicator. Entries and re-entries are good. Doesn't repaint. However it doesn't tell you good exits. Exiting at the opposite signal let a lot of pips on the table. Still have to figure out what I could do best. I can only give 4 stars for now, because I see a lot of potential in this product, but still have to figure out how to best use it for profits regarding the exit points. The vendor is very open in giving advices and trade recommendations and is already working on an EA to automate all of this. This give me hope that this vendor is one of the few 1% here not willing to scam you and really selling a profitable product and caring about the product and safeguarding our accounts

Raoul de Jong
Raoul de Jong 2020.01.20 09:28 

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sherbird 2019.12.27 04:47 

Why there are so many good reviews? So suspicious... You will soon to know that you are ripped off. Remember there are no refund on MQL5 policy. It sucks.

maxon2020 2019.12.24 12:52 

Nice indicator!

Jun Yu Chen
Jun Yu Chen 2019.12.18 17:12 

Good indicator。very usefull。It is very helpful, but it must be matched with corresponding support resistance.

faizla 2019.12.12 08:08 

For like one month used this product, I can ensure you that it work as expectation. I am day-trader/swing trader myself are very grateful for what this indicator can gives. Usually I used this indicator for a confirmation of my entry, if my entry does not tally with the indicator, I will not execute the trade. So, overall I'm quiet satisfied with this product.

ceejay1 2019.12.07 19:58 

Just purchased TPA two trading days ago. Great results so far! Like all indicators it will work better in a trending market, but using the TPA line slope and the distance of current price from the TPA line helps greatly in weeding out those non-profitable or only marginally profitable trades during non-trend periods. Will be getting the TPA Sessions indicator soon and I am really looking forward to using it to "fine tune" my entries! Great indicator at a VERY reasonable price for how much it helps!

sowenkee 2019.12.06 05:58 

Been using TPA since 4 Nov for trend continuation. Use the TPA trendline to check the general price direction whether to continue to hold or close an existing trade. This is useful when the price is moving against your trade but the trend line is showing otherwise. Personally had not trade price reversal based on the arrow indicator. But had observed the arrows (filter on) are showing at locations where price reversal occurred. Happy with the purchase and support.

joaovargas 2019.12.02 20:44 

Good indicator. Demands good MM to suport some eventual DD. I´m using it with TPA visible, ST filter 1H 50, but "false" option ( true price action), and using it on Eurusd. It can fit any strategy as main element, or confirm signal.

48059857 2019.11.19 12:36 

Good indicator that allow you to adjust TPA line to view lower time frame or higher time frame. Most important the support and explanation is excellent. By continuous tweaking parameter and trial error with TPA should be able to work out for your best trading strategy.

deepcat 2019.11.18 11:24 

Good indicator as long as you use it with other confluences - make sure you have a trading plan and follow it. Use this as confirmation of trend

Yebo Lu
Yebo Lu 2019.11.17 13:45 

Good indicator, and good support, very useful tool to help me do manual trade.

rainwalker123 2019.11.16 14:51 

@sherbird 2019.12.27 04:47 #

98% of the indicators here, just bullshit and useless indicators.

anjane201 2019.11.05 15:43 

Am using this on things aside forex and only get familiar to the way it works, what i am very much happy about is the continuous support and encouragement received every time a query is submitted, there is no holy grail what u would need is continuous tweaking and customization and thats what this indicator provides :)

Martin Schakowski
Martin Schakowski 2019.11.04 21:02 

This indicator is great - combines trend and price action.

It totally fits to my trading style and offers tremendous chances to beat most perfomances.

I am in this frading business over thirty years and I can honestly say thats the one tool I was looking for, all the years !

If it fits to your trading style, too there is no alternative in my eyes.

Congrats for this "eye opener" !

Even a great indicator needs good support to save time and money - this indicator has it - no question !

ennio depalo
ennio depalo 2019.10.31 19:06 

It's unbeleivable.....when you think it is going to do the other way , the indicator say buy and price goes up, the indicator say sell and the price goes down....you just need to be careful with MM and follow the indicator.

remcous 2019.10.30 12:53 

Very good indicator, even on 5 min TF :-)... Great support+++

70025205 2019.10.30 09:06 

I have bought. Very good indicator and support!!

Mike Steward
Mike Steward 2019.10.28 20:23 

After some feedback from Janusz I bought this Indicator I will be updating my review with performance but so far seems good! Update: been using this indicator for some time now and I can say it's worth the money. If you find the settings that go with your trading style it can be a very good tool to enhance your trading. Telegram group is great for support from both janusz and guardkeys. 2nd Update. This tool is best tool i ever had for trading. If you dont make money with this tool, then close your computer, and stop trading. Buy it, red the tleegram group and ask us whatever question. We are always around. Use it to trade 4h, 1h, 30min or 1 min charts. Worth every penny. I also use TPA sessions indicator with it.

skelts 2019.10.24 00:02 

After some dialogue with Janusc I took the plunge and bought the indicator, so far everything has gone perfectly, very happy and look forward to a long and profitable relationship.

It's been almost 4 months since I bought this indicator and it has changed the way I think about trading. I now use it not just as an entry indicator but it also lends itself to developing proper risk management protocols. Instead of going all in and then scaling out of trades the arrows and dots get you to enter the initial trade with a smaller lot size and then scale in as the trade develops, this results in an exposure which is smaller at the beginning and then if the trade develops you can increase your exposure whilst protecting your capital. Overall very happy with my purchase and the service from Janusc and Guard has been exceptional.

SpeedBug 2019.10.20 16:43 

Good, but too cheap. Please increase the price. This is truly extraordinary and nothing will match its performance in the sense that MACD, RSI, Stoch, Moving Averages, etc. obviously have no or very little parts inside the functioning of this indicator. You could ask Janusz what this indicator is based on, and he will tell you, then he will have to kill you. This is truly a dangerous weapon against MMs or the BBs, but you need how to handle it yourself according to your needs (optimize it). Get it before it gets banned by the industry... and no, I am not getting paid or bribed for this review. IT IS THAT GOOD BAR NONE!

The performance, once you have optimized it to your style, pair, instrument, time frame, aggression levels, matching strategy, is nothing like I have seen before, no single setting will satisfy all styles and personalities, but guidance is already given in the comments. I hated arrow indicators as they have so many "but ifs", "ignore if", "only take if" and then have to match it with 2+ lagging indicators and you get in just too late by the time they match. With this one you get in "just in time" or even early if you understand volume based trading, in fact, it gives you the opportunity to enter the trend even after a major signal at a later stage, but I use these dots just to check I am still rolling in the "correct" mud for the time being. Getting rid of all your indicators will also clear the charts and make you see price action a bit more clearly. I haven't tested the TPA Sessions add-on yet, but it makes sense using some sort of Swing High/Low, S/R, S/D, Fib or Session opening prices as price targets, breakout areas or potential turning points. I would buy it for $500 if I knew the potential.

Oh, and I forgot to mention the most important: Good or bad you can see the potential of any indicator by the way it repaints. This one does not repaint. It is NOT a semafor/ZigZag derivative like 90% of popular holy grail/"neural" indicators out there. But note you will obviously find multiple sell/buy signals in congestion areas, for which there is no trading strategy or solution humanly possible, skip that pair and look for something more trending. Good Luck all.

Lorant Nemeth
Lorant Nemeth 2019.10.17 20:39 

Robert Riggs
Robert Riggs 2019.10.10 21:35 

Awesome team and great tool. It is actually hard for me to trust it because I am used to second guessing anything I have tried before. This is the first one I have used that really predicts the future movement. Well done.

M. Asad Farooq
M. Asad Farooq 2019.10.09 13:20 

Solid ,Must have for me now .Bought it.

Support is excellent seller tells the real Stuff to understand this indicator instead of fancy Stuff

Fully Recommended

Frank Paetsch
Frank Paetsch 2019.10.08 10:49 

Sehr guter Indikator. Habe mir einen EA dazu schreiben lassen und bin super zufrieden.

Unglaublich stark. Vielen Dank

Rupprecht 2019.10.06 02:20 

This indicator is well constructed and very helpful. I use it in a separate EA. Thank you very much!

tonybibc 2019.10.02 01:00 

Very good indicator, and good support

Valentin Popa
Valentin Popa 2019.08.28 19:04 

Very good indicator with the right settings, author very responsive, I'll buy it.

vollmerama 2019.08.13 14:02 

I believe this indicator has a big potential!

4xplosion 2019.07.19 15:42 

Very good indicator and support!!

Версия 2.1 2019.11.06
some code improvements to ensure the indicator performs clean in every situation
Версия 2.0 2019.10.11
added TPA Line for determining current trend direction.