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Autobot Retracement Code

Autobot Retracement Code (ARC)

A robot trading that works based on retracement strategy while following the market trend.It has  made average profits up to 25% /month that is relatively a High Return of Investment.Built in a double trading mode.Manual and Auto ,It can be fully automated or being collaborated between trader and robot.You have a good trading skill? Manual Mode maybe a good choice .You are beginner or not have time to trade? Let it to be your trader that will fully trade for you.


  1. Double Trading Mode in the single EA. They are Auto Mode and Manual Mode.
  2. Money Management.Advance Money Management. Minimum Margin Percent for order starter and Averaging orders,Lot size,Close in Loss/Profit,Close All in Profits and Trailing Stop.
  3. Trading Time. The time range  you want to trade using the EA.It is GMT zone by default 
  4. Hidden Take Profit and Stop Loss.
  5. Multiple Forex Currency Pair 
  6. TRUE/FALSE for averaging orders.


Recommended to use default parameter on Timeframe M15.

These are several terms that you may need to understand to adjust the EA parameters:

  1. Starter Order Mode = This is the kind of trading mode that ea will work on your chart.You can define which one will you use it. 
  2. AUTO mode = EA will fully automate your trading.
  3. MANUAL mode = The EA will start to work only if you make order manually.For more details please read the description of MANUAL mode in the comment section.
  4. Magic Number = This is a unique number that will identify your order. You can fill in this column with any numbers. Important: please type a different number for each pair to avoid conflicts between transactions from different pairs 
  5. Starter Order Lot = The lot size of the first order before EA make martingale orders. Only applies to auto mode 
  6. Lot Factor = Multiples of the previous Order Lot size.This is lot size of averaging orders.E.g: Starter order lot=0.01 and Lot Factor=2.Then the next averaging orders will be 0.02 --> 0.04 --> 0.08 ,etc. If Lot Factor = 1,then the next orders lot size will same with starter order lot size. 
  7. Close in profit = The number of pips where starter order will be closed in profit.
  8. Close in Loss = The number of pips where starter order will be closed in Loss.
  9. CloseTotalProfits = The number of pips where all order with the same direction in the current pair will be closed in profits.
  10. Slippage = The difference between the price specified in a trade vs the actual transaction price that acceptable to you.
  11. Trailing Stop = If TRUE, EA will trail your starter order only.It is not included averaging orders.
  12. Martingale =TRUE/FALSE.  If TRUE,EA will make multiple orders with the same direction when order starter is in the floating loss.
  13. PercentMinMarginLevel (Order Starter)= Minimum margin level for order starter acceptable to you. If the minimum is reached ,EA will stop making new order starter.
  14. PercentMinMarginLevel (Martingale Orders) = Minimum margin level for martingale orders acceptable to you. If the minimum is reached ,EA will stop making new averaging orders.
  15. Timeframe M15.

Highly recommended to rent VPS so that mt4 can be fully online all the time with a stable internet connection.

For any questions please contact us

More details will be posted on the comment section.

You may want to see performance as a reference : 


Version 2.0 is released. Bug on currency JPY and bug on Close in Loss has been fixed

Dasyat 2019.03.27 07:19 

good & fast response from author to help me set this EA...

will update the result after 1 month

from 27 march - present... 22$ profit, using 0.01lot set

27 march - 2 may... 42$ profit, 0.01 lot set, initial capital 480, highest DD 30$

Версия 2.0 2019.04.08
Bug on currency JPY has been fixed.
Bug on Close in Loss has been fixed