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Big Rocket

Robot forex "Big Rocket" is based on custom variation of MACD, CII, FIBONACCI, RSI and TOCHASTIC indicator in assistance of Auto Optimizer and Auto Frequency Smart module that allows for dynamic adaptation to current market conditions (no user calibration needed) - the specific result is chosen on the basis of several different coefficients.

All examples of signals for this system:

Real operation monitoring as well as my other products can be found here: https://www.mql5.com/en/users/hoangvudb/seller 

EA can be run on different symbols and timeframes but for reducing demand on computing power, internal parameters are narrowed and it is highly recommended to run it on this pairs and time frames with recommended settings:

Pair SymbolTime Frame Auto Optimizer UpAuto Optimizer Down Auto Frequency Smart Step Orders Stop LossMax Oders Use Trading Time 
EURUSD H1 90 90 2 585 12Modify according to your broker (00:00-23:59 GMT+3)
EURGBP H1 90 90 2 6.585 12Modify according to your broker (00:00-23:59 GMT+3)
GBPUSD H1 90 90 2 7.5100 12Modify according to your broker (00:00-23:59 GMT+3)
 ... ...    ... ...  ...

Peculiarities :

  • Multicurrency transactions can share the risk of loss.
  • Flexible risk management system.Advanced algorithm for entering and exiting the market.
  • About 1500 bars of history on chart.
  • VPS with the minimum latency to the broker's server is required for trading.
  • Requires an ECN account with minimal spread.
  • Recommend click here to open and ICMarkets ECN account (21.5 % Live discount of ICMarkets commision), We provide IC Markets commission-discount in real time for our affiliates. Affiliates will benefit from a 21.5 percent rebate on all trading commissions and 50 % of our products (detail)

Setting :

  • Recommended initial capital 200+ USD (if minimum LOT=0.01) for each pair.
  • Download Recommended setting files: 

Input parameters :

  • Max Slippage: This will be your Max Slippage to open a trade.
  • Max Spread - maximum spread, at which the EA is allowed to open and close positions.
  • Step Orders - After how many pips the EA should open trade or look for signal to open.
  • Max Orders - the maximum number of open orders.
  • Lots - Initial lot size.
  • Auto Lots - enable/disable auto lot calculation.
  • Risk - amount of the deposit, on which Lot is to be used when Auto Lots is enabled.
  • Auto Optimizer Up - last known Optimizer value, returned be EA in deinitialization process.
  • Auto Optimizer Down - last known Optimizer value, returned be EA in deinitialization process.
  • Auto Frequency Smart  - Reference value simulation.
  • Take Profit (pip) - real take profit in pip.
  • Stop Loss (pip)- real stop loss.
  • Breakeven Start (pip)- after how many pips in profit the breakeven should start.
  • Breakeven LockProfit (pip) - How many pips will be the distance between SL and the opening price.
  • Trailing Stop(pip) - after how many pips in profit the trailing should start.
  • Trailing Step(pip) - How many pips will be the distance between SL and the current price.
  • StopLoss In Pip - This number is in Pip.
  • TakeProfit In Pip - This number is in Pip.
  • StopLoss In Money($) - This number is in Currency.
  • TakeProfit In Money($) - This number is in Currency.
  • Use Trading Time - Open Trade Time Start, Open Trade Time End.
  • Magic Number - magic number for the Expert Advisor to identify its positions.
  • Order Comment: Enter Here your preferred Comment.

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Versão 9.30 2019.04.18
Add: Hide StopLoss and Hide TakeProfit
Versão 9.20 2019.04.17
Fix Auto Frequency Smart