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BB Color

Bollinger Bands Color is different from the conventional indicator by an additional set of parameters. Such parameters as color and applied price can be selected in the properties window for each line separately. Also, you can select the averaging method for the middle line.


  • Period – period of averaging for the indicator calculation;
  • Deviations – number of standard deviations from the main line;
  • Shift – shift of the indicator in relation to the price chart;
  • Method Middle Line – middle line averaging method: simple, exponential, smoothed and linear-weighted;
  • Applied to – applied price: Close, Open, Low, Median, Typical and Linear-Weighted - for each line separately;
  • Top Line – applied price for the upper line;
  • Middle Line – applied price for the middle line;
  • Bottom Line – applied price for the lower line.
sunnychow 2018.12.16 05:23 

Thanks for sharing

Justin Alderson
Justin Alderson 2018.03.30 21:05 

Brilliant indicator which is a key part of my strategy. Thanks for providing.

Zentrader2015 2017.10.08 07:23 

Excellent Indicator, works as well as the paid indicators of its kind! thank you