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SignalFinder MA

SignalFinderMA - is a multicurrency indicator displaying trend direction for several currency pairs and time frames on a single chart. Trend calculation is based on Moving Average.

Main Features:

  • The indicator is installed on a single chart.
  • The trend is defined at the last complete bar.
  • Intuitive and simple interface.

Input Parameters:

  • Symbols - currency pairs.
  • TimeFrames - time periods (time frames).
  • MA Period - period of the moving average.
  • MA Shift - shift of the moving average.
  • MA Method - method of smoothing of the moving average.
  • MA Applied Price - price for calculating the moving average.

Currency pairs and time frames are separated by comma in the list.

If a currency pair or a time frame does not exist or is mistyped, it is marked in crimson in the table.

Indicator Signals:

  • Blue arrow up - there is a bullish trend on the last closed candlestick.
  • Red arrow down - there is a bearish trend on the last closed candlestick.
  • Gray dot - no trend.
  • Yellow dot - loading history.
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