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The indicator combines several types of calculation: calculation of price channels and determining the direction of the trend.
  • The green line is a buy signal;
  • The magenta line is a signal for sales.
  • Two yellow lines of the "small" channel above the middle green line - getting ready for sales;
  • Two yellow lines below the magenta line - getting ready to shop.

Blue channel lines - the higher the distance between the lines, the closer the price rollback or trend reversal.

The indicator can be used both in trend trading systems and in reversal ones.

Inal Zardia
Inal Zardia 2019.12.24 17:09 

The indicator gives profitable signals.

When channels expand, I trade against the trend with averaging.

Versión 2.5 2020.01.05
Performance improved
Versión 2.0 2019.12.25
Added a stop / reverse trend calculation algorithm