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I want RENKO job with some changes as discussed and attached rules. (personal job)
50+ USD
Please remove code ,input and legends related to MTF.Make sure two stopline are drawn in chart with its description. I need clear legend as explained and attached.  Every option in EA should have true false option.  When false is made , don't consider that condition. Also i could not back test , have a look what is issue with that.
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Experts 2018.02.15
New forex multi-MA indicator (personal job)
75+ USD
I need you to build for me a new forex indicator. It will be totally changeable, and can be used on all time frames. It will have a few tracers, for highs and lows, and multiple moving averages.
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Indicators Design C++ C# JavaScript PHP SQL MySQL HTML Forex Product Design 2018.02.15
50 - 5000 USD
Parameters                                                                          1.  Trading Only  news release and volatile market .     2.  Use indicator in forex factory calender.                   3.  Simple but become a very powerful.                         4.  The Ea close trade by very intelligent trailing who move the measure of volatility and  trend direction....
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Experts Statistics and mathematics Trading robot/indicator debugging Strategy optimization Strategy modules Collection of data on the internet Uploading data to a website Forex Data mining 2018.02.15
30+ USD
Hi, I'd like to creat an EA with 2 MT4 indicator only Added 3 top up / compound / Stop order with SL using % from equity on every Top Up MT4 indicator to be set inside code, not to display in input parameter & MT4 indicator not to display after backtest agree to slight alterations found & agree to repair if bug found even after job completed. To Lock EA, Expiry & payment will release after succesfully update to...
8 Applications
Experts 2018.02.14
100 - 10000 USD
Japan has an open law in the bit coin market. But the market is still very cheap trading tools with babies. I am neither a mathematician nor a programmer, but I have experienced Japanese stocks for about 10 years. Moreover, I can not explain exactly what English knowledge necessary for designing this is in English. If you can listen to my idea and help us shape it, (of course, of course on the team) I think that...
11 Applications
Experts Design 2018.02.14
500+ USD
Simple HFT algorithm, research on API-es and arbitrage soft got slow MQL code need to be restructed and completed with fast languages tier strategy wavelets, renkobars, trailing, SAR be connected
6 Applications
Experts Consultation Strategy modules C++ Java Python Forex Data mining 2018.02.14
Update My Range Calculator Indicator & EA (if needed) (personal job)
30+ USD
Update myindicator Range Calculator V12 & EA   First Change In the Indicator: Currently the Range Calculator Indicator shows display linesfor Stop Orders & Limit Orders.   This update relates only to theStop Orders. Limit Orders Entry & Exit Levels Will Not Be Affected!   The Buy Stop Entry Price is calculated as (High + X numberof Points From Settings) The Sell Stop Entry price is calculated as (High + X...
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Indicators Experts 2018.02.14
Candle Wick EA (personal job)
30+ USD
1/ After ARROW EA places multiple SELL trades at close of each Candle.2/ Max Number of trades = 5 (Default). 3/ EA stops placing further trades after *TakeProfit* or *StopLoss*. 4/  Lots : 0,01 Take Profit (Basket): 400Pts (Default) Order: BuyOnly/SellOnly Max Number of Trades per Arrow : 5 (default) StopLoss: 1000Pts (Default)  Comment = x Ratio = 2.6 (Default).
1 Application
Experts 2018.02.14
30 - 40 USD
I have an indicator that's a commercial one, so it's compiled and I want to completely automate it based on certain rules: time of the day, outside of news etc. Further information will be provided in private. Please also provide me an estimative quote. We'll negotiate after you see all the info anyway. Thank you!
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Indicators Experts 2018.02.14
30 - 200 USD I wnt a coder to make this indicator an EA. The EA will be taking trades using two time frames. 4H and 15M time frames . How: When BIG ARROW APPEARS ON THE 4H CHART for example GREEN ARROW for BUY APPEARS. AT THE END OF THAT 4H CANDLE, THE EA WILL BEGIN TAKING TRADES IN THE 15M CHART WHEN BIG GREEN ARROW APPEARS. Please let me know if this is...
15 Applications
Indicators Experts Forex 2018.02.14
30+ USD
Halo I want to make program for EA at MQL 5 ,any wants  to help my I buy "PipFinite Trend PRO MT5" ,i want this indicator automaticly regard isa alex
2 Applications
Experts 2018.02.14
50+ USD
I have an existing candlestick pattern (source file provided) that I like to build as EA. EA will incorporate this existing candlestick pattern and coder will build trade zones using fibonacci ratios.  Once there is a buy/sell arrow from candlestick pattern at these trade zones, then EA will trade.  Coders need to: 1. build trade zones using Fibonacci ratios and incorporate these candlestick patterns 2. add in...
10 Applications
Experts Trading robot/indicator debugging Forex 2018.02.14
30+ USD
Please help me to change about the Lot size I would like the robot choose lot size by calculating according to target pip distance in the setting for example, if I enter 100 [point] for this new parameter the robot will calculate the lot size that will reach target profit when price go there. this mean that whenever price go up 100 points the set of orders will be profit.
9 Applications
Experts 2018.02.14
40 - 50 USD
My existing Stochastic EA creates contracts by intersecting the %K line with four “levels.” The existingfour levels comprise “set1.”  I wish tomake 2 modifications:  1) increase thenumber of 'sets,' and 2) make 3 additions to all the sets.  I will attach three .doc pages which describeand visualize these changes in detail.
3 Applications
Experts 2018.02.14
I need an indicator coded that can send necessary data to an expert adviser. (personal job)
60+ USD
I have a specific strategy that i use  which is based on using offline charts (such as Renko charts). This indicator will help with the development of an Expert Adviser which will trade the strategy using automation.
1 Application
Indicators 2018.02.13
Chanels_Chanels (personal job)
80+ USD
p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px 'Helvetica Neue'; color: #454545}p.p2 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px 'Helvetica Neue'; color: #454545; min-height: 14.0px}span.s1 {text-decoration: underline}“Channels_Channels” Channel is a combination of a buy stop and sell stop positions. These positions are replaced if they get stopped by a loss but the difference from the previous EA is that...
1 Application
Experts 2018.02.13
Modifying EA C (personal job)
30+ USD
1. •       Slide 2 is the old system that was made from the last job but not all the trades arebeing taken – please make sure all of them are taken 2. After the above is corrected, •       System1:Open a BUY and SELL order at the same time and have TP and SL parameter forthem •       System2:Open a BUY and SELL order at the same time and have TP and SL parameter forthem but only if order close above or below 5...
1 Application
Experts Trading robot/indicator debugging C++ 2018.02.12
30 - 100 USD
Im looking for someone to code and EA to open StopLoss orders after price has moved a certain amount. There are a number of free ones but what I ammissing is the ability to choose only certain tickets, to be able to haveindependent parameters on those tickets, to function on pending orders and towork across several pairs in one display interface. I picture the interface as follows: PAIR TICKET NUMBER...
7 Applications
Experts 2018.02.12
80 - 150 USD
Hello i need an expert coder to give him a job, i want my strategy which it is from 5 indicators ( no repaint ) in EA the rest will be sending to the selected programmer. THE EA IN MT4 AND THE TRADES ON the coder must speak and understand english. the coder must be expert in forex and and can make the bridge between them. my price Fixed and uncontested and the payment after the job get...
4 Applications
Indicators Experts Statistics and mathematics ALGLIB Trading robot/indicator debugging Strategy optimization Strategy modules Collection of data on the internet Uploading data to a website Forex Stocks Options Data mining 2018.02.12
150+ USD
I'm looking for a programmer with extensive knowledge and experience in Ninja Trader trading platform. I have an EA based in MT4 and I would like to convert it to be able to use it on Ninja Trader automated trading platform. The EA is based on zig zag, moving average and fib levels with few other filters.  Looking forward to working with you.
2 Applications
Experts Converting C# 2018.02.12