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Karish 2014.11.07 19:29 
Topic.., please,  cant find a proper guide for that on google.., thanks.. 
Halley 2014.11.07 19:56  
You should google for Backtest Helper.
Karish 2014.11.08 00:05  

Thanks DeepThought,

but now i got another problem..., i dropped that ex4 file into my scripts folder, but i cannot see it in the terminal, even when i refreshed it and restarted it,

the same problem is with my experts/indicators....

little help here please, thanks! 

Carl Schreiber
Carl Schreiber 2014.11.08 08:31  

Check your folder setting:

 in the terminal-options: File =>  Open Data Folder to make sure where your terminal expects your EA.

Karish 2014.11.08 13:09  

yep all good there, i mean i just cannot see that file..., its ex4.., maybe its because the code is too old?, can someone just give me an mq4 file with that option or something:

thanks..., i'm just trying to backtest on renko. 

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