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Please Help: Need Previous Month/Week/Day High Low Indicator

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jbozman 2014.11.07 08:07 

I cannot believe it's so tough to find a simple previous day/week/month high low indicator that gives the user the ability to determine the color/width/style of the line...number of days back would be a HUGE plus...with line segments only. Not something that draws channels and connects these lines/channels and messes up the chart. Something simple and clean that works with the latest MT4 builds.

I'm mystified why it's so tough to find. These are crucial levels in trading. Maybe traders do not realize how important these price levels are as far as support resistance. During news announcements (red flags), these levels can often be spiked.

In any event, does someone have an indicator like this they would be willing to share? Something simple and clean?

I've really appreciate your help.



Carl Schreiber
Carl Schreiber 2014.11.07 09:40  

"I'm mystified why it's so tough to find." ????

I googled your headline: "mt4Previous Month/Week/Day High Low Indicator" and found many of them...

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