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Lessons from the Pros: What should be your goal in your first year of trading?

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Olawale Adenagbe
Olawale Adenagbe 2014.06.06 22:12 
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Ovidiu Caslariu
Ovidiu Caslariu 2014.06.09 07:25  

Make some profit and accommodate with the market and trading indicators. Once achieved than developed a strategy (with recovery and top limit) and improve it upon the results obtained.

Nathan Cheung
Nathan Cheung 2014.06.23 10:24  

Any professional trader that has worked for an institutional bank will tell you that the first thing to consider is protecting your capital. And this applies for not just the first trading year, but your whole trading life. Otherwise it is gambling!

To do this education is a must, and therefore they go hand in hand. 

george360 2014.06.23 13:38  
Learn about forex and know what leverage is all about, then while trading live ensure you don't risk opening too many trade rather still protect your capital
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