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Psychology. It is important!

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Sirojiddin Nosirov
Sirojiddin Nosirov  

Psychology. It is important!

Even to the study and the trade it is necessary to understand - and it is must whether to you this? Indeed Forex as no other form of activity - this increased by ex-trthem.

Thus, you learned about existence of this tempting and attractive method” easily and rapidly it will be enriched” without the serious instruction and the preparation as Forex. By such are described BY Forex, inviting to the short term courses on its study. And even the given relationship of the lucky and lost traders does not seem terrible against the background of iridescent prospects. Do not believe so that to trading it is possible to rapidly learn.

Studying Forex, for you one must to see entire picture as a whole, the interrelation of each motion of price on different TF, feel this. You never will become master of the situation, you only will be able to follow the market. The profession of trader requires constantly making decisions, taking to itself responsibility for their adoption, but not searching for prompts from without.

 Basic errors about the market For [foreks]:

1. Trade on the market Forex does not require serious professional preparation.

2. Operations on the market For Forex are the analog of game into the tape-measure - players make rates, someone wins, and everything else - in the loss.

Forex - NOT tape-measure,  at the basis of a change in the exchange rates lie the specific regularities. The value of currency depends on the economic indices of the country, political events; it is determined by preferences and expectations of participants in the market.

3. Gain of some can be achieved only due to the loss of others.

On the currency market ForForex far from all they play on a change in the courses - there are large groups of participants, which use currency- exchange operations for other purposes. These are - exporter- importers, important investors and is other because of the fact that the leading world currencies freely are converted on the freely floating courses, such operations by themselves can become source of income.

4. Money on the market For Forex - purpose.

On the market For Forex of money this means of production, goods.

TRADE ON FOREX as any other form of activity, requires, besides the serious professional knowledge, the creation of the clear system of trade, strict movement to this system, a constant work on itself.

Are ready you to dedicate the part of your time to study and to work to Forex?

You do not hurry with decision making, market anywhere will not leave from you. It was yesterday, there is today and it will be tomorrow.

I lead below the basic principles of the trade Forex, after these several lines stands the enormous experience of practitioners. Do not disregard any of them

 Basic principles of the trade Forex.

- Before beginning active trade, get to know itself and your weaknesses.

- Avoid carelessness in the work.

- Deal according to the clear, simple and clear plan.

- You remember that on the market can occur all anything.

- Do not deal against the trend, i.e., against the motion of the price of market.

- Do not accomplish purchase on the upper points and sale on the lower.

- Do not deal only therefore in order to deal.

- Know how to wait, and, after waiting for - rapidly to act.

- Trading - this is the work on its weaknesses.

- Success achieve only emotionally steady traders.

- Do not feel sorry about that earned.

- You be ready to losses and do not fear them.

- Do not make possible for small losses to be converted into the ruinous.

- Profit " gather” to the last drop.

Statement of personal purposes, planning the study Forex, practice. Knowledge itself and its weaknesses.

I lead below exemplary plan as it will manage problem stated in this theme. I accentuate your attention in what this is exemplary plan, in the course of time you will change it so that it was comfortable for you. Periodically reexamine each point, you sum up the sums, plan new purposes.

1. Summing up of the results of my life today. Purposes of my life.

Break global purposes into the more short term. Paint short term with the periods of fulfillment.

 2. Existing resources for achievement of purposes.

Compose the list of the traits of your nature, your strong and weak sides, which can help in the mastery trading, which can interfere. Try to be maximally frank with itself itself. Do not fear your negative traits of the nature (you they are not lonely at the holiday of life - they they are inherent in each person on the earth), with the love and the appreciation accept itself as such, such as you exists. Forex can become for you a good teacher in the work on itself. Selection after you - you will with it war or be friends.

You will determine for itself, how long you will give for the study and the work on Forex.

For example, in the course of day (4-6 hours), week (20-30 hours), month (80-120 hours).

Also you will be determined, in what time of day you will work.

You will determine the sum, which you have available for further work on the real calculation - respectively in order to avoid psychological discomfort, open [demo] calculation for the same sum. Money here goods, by tool with which for you one must work. Necessary to learn to them respectively it relates.

How much you want to earn per year, month (with the laying out on the days).

In what percent relationship Forex it will be source of income for you.

Maximum concentration is important at the moment of tradings. Forex does not pardon carelessness, emotional unbalance and the like try to limit itself to this period from the excess contacts.

 In also the time, discussing with the adherents or with the family members your successes and defeats, you it can visit illumination - the new qualitative vision of market or the solution some of task, telling others about the important for you, you tell this, first of all to yourselves (examining from the different foreshortenings).

3. Will be coordinated Trading for the purposes of my life.

On the basis of the entire carried out work, bring the temporary sum, which you will reexamine after the time, is how harmoniously Trading can enter into your life how for you it is necessary to sacrifice, going along this way, that you will be able to acquire. You will be determined, for which you intend TO DEAL.

4. Planning the study of the profession of trader and practice of work to demo.

In order to achieve the goal - to become professional trader - to you necessary, by means of the study Forex and practical work to demo, to see picture as a whole, interrelation of each motion of price on different TF, to feel this. Forex very complex and wilful organism. You never will become master of the situation, you only will be able to follow the market.

 The moments in the trade, which are connected with psychology.

On the psychological problems, which appear in the process of trade and, in particular, in the trade on Forex, are written the mountains of literature.

You, for the first time arrived on Forex, must be to them ready. However, what this for the problems?

1. Fear to lose money.

Fear before Forex appears after the first failures practically in each trader of novice. That seemed previously simple and intelligible (in the training courses from the mouths of instructor, on the history of quotations on the commercial terminal, on you demo accaunt), suddenly proves to be in no way such, as novice visualized initially. He reveals to his surprise that:

a) very system of quotations is given in such a way that even during the strong trend motion are required the recoils, the imitation of turn, it [miniflet] suddenly from that not from what;

b) against the trader frequently works his own dealer - the record suddenly appears on the warrant: price changed, both opening and closing transaction occur more badly than trader it planned;

c) the enormous army of the analysts of fundamental and proximate analysis, by reading the whom novice intensely attempts to guess the riddle of his failures, only tangle him finally.

That as a result: fear and uncertainty in themselves appear even in those, whom never did not have them.

2. Uncertainty in its commercial system.

You selected FOR THE TRADE commercial system, you work on the real, but you see that you do not receive in addition profit, you open the transaction of later than the manufactured rules, you shut it earlier, wonderful realizing that the currency has another potential of motion. What to make? How to overcome in itself fear and uncertainty?

Master Forex is recommended:

a) pass on several days from the real calculation on it [demoschet]. Your task will be in making of not less than 10 transactions for one commercial session correctly.

b) you sum up the sums of your work on Forex each evening, objectively evaluate result, potential, which available in your commercial system, and note for itself methods, how tomorrow you WILL BE ABLE TO EARN more than during the previous day.

c) on you [demoschete] bring to the automatism your commercial system. As taught [B].[Vilyams], in order to work at the level of subconsciousness.

3. The problem “of ardor of player”, when trader cannot pass motion, even realizing, which now [flet], that with the discovery of transaction in you [flete] - profit can be minimum, loss - maximum, but nerves with this “game” (not to work) will be shaken loose to the complete maximum.

After encountering with this problem, you must clearly and clearly to answer one question - why I did arrive on Forex? To play? To work?

You arrived to play - all problems of psychological nature, connected with the game of chance to the money your and, doctor here can help you only.

You arrived TO WORK AND TO EARN. In that case - self-discipline and sensible reason!

: “One of the most important properties of trader is the skill to wait. It does not suffer itself to bargain? - market was to you, market will be also after you. So that your profit from you will not leave. Wait. Observe after the tomcat - as it knows how to wait, when it hunts for the mouse or for the bird. It can wait by hours, without experiencing what - that of inconveniences, even obtaining from this pleasure!

And everything in order at the decisive moment to deliver precise and instantaneous impact. But if output departs - it without any regret leaves in its matters - “tomorrow I will catch”. Majorities familiar to me people do not know how to wait. They became accustomed to overtake. In this I am fundamental difference. That overtaking is always late, although constantly it hurries, it always acts inopportunely, since it is not ready to work out the proceeding changes. The overtaking trader is doomed”. Here neither you will diminish nor you will add. It is capacious and it is colorful.

4. Uncertainty in itself, the absence of nature and purposefulness both at this moment and generally in the life.


a)  itself to discipline - where you open transaction (known points, but not through 50 points after it). Where you shut transaction. The action radius on the pound - is not less than 70 points for the session;

b) by how many leads and where to go. How many points you will take. Verify on the history the behavior of currency pairs, on which you work (their behavior in you [flete] and different forms of trends);

c) of 2 pairs in principle to you will be sufficient - but necessary to know and to feel them as its 5 it is finger.

5. Greediness and the desire to obtain immediately everything.

Believe, immediately all you will not obtain. Listen to the experience of professionals. It is not possible to lie to sleep child, and to awake adult. You must pass the [opredelennye] stages of your increase. Here are they:

a) demo account;

b) of micro real commercial calculation - work 0.01-0.02 and more by leads,

gradually increasing the value of fraction micro-lead;

c) standard Forex - 1 lead is above;

d) work 50-100 and more by leads, as a rule, on the investors calculations.

The difference between each of these stages is the same as between demo account and micro-FaureKSOhm.

6. [FOREKS] as the narcotic, to which gets accustomed the trader and without which he to live already simply it does not can.

Reasons, I hope intelligible. Each person subconsiously dreams about the excellent and provided for future and wants to pass this way by shortest and lightest road. Here here and appears Forex, colorful advertisement all possible [DTS], stories about Soros, reading the books “to play on the exchange is simple!” (to play that simply, to earn complicatedly) and so forth

As a result, after losing one calculation, man convinces himself, that this is chance. After losing the second calculation, the conclusion that it already learned to much. After losing the third calculation, devises to itself something still…

But perhaps it could be otherwise? Think. It is objective, if nothing it did change either in your commercial system or in your psychology, why your fourth commercial calculation must not be lost as the previous three calculations? Besides, your way 1 to 1 is repeated by practically all traders of Forex and stock market.

Sum on your commercial calculation must not cause in you excess emotions. For this some several hundred dollars, for others several thousand and so forth this the tool for the development of your business (work to this Forex work, but not game).


a) verify your commercial system (criterion - trebling of calculation to demo);

b) with the discovery of real commercial calculation you will isolate that sum, which you do not fear to lose. Is the micro of calculation from 0.01 leads and mini 0.1 leads, depending on your financial position;

c) seeing as is obtained in you week on 0.1 lead - you pass to following 0.2 by leads and try to take also a quantity of points, that you earned with a smaller quantity of leads. With the strong trend risk to go with the even larger fraction of leads.

d) EARNINGS partially is removed, partially it is capitalized. TU the part, which you removed in the form they arrived, so you will divide into the protected it stored up that the fact that you expend on the daily needs. Thus, you obtain, the purely psychologically dual or ternary system of support.

e) the main thing is the result, which you bring and you analyze by the evening of each workday and at the end weeks, writing results into the notebook. And the same capitalization of calculation is necessary in order to have THE CAPABILITY TO EARN more.

Therefore conduct calculations both from the point of view of total result and from the point of view of the percentage of the profit obtained by you.

f) the part of the earned means pack into other absolutely not risky financial operations (from the deposit in the bank to the purchase of real estate and others).

Cannot be transferred everything.

Now Forex already becomes your business.

5 stages of life of trader.

Stage the first: Subconsious incompetence.

At the first step you begin to look at trading. You know that this a good method to make money because you heard about this and about many millionaires. Unfortunately, so as when first desired to conduct machine you think that this will be simply - actually, yes that in this of complex?!! Price moves upward and downward - what here secrets - we begin!

To regret, accurately also as sowing the first time for the control - you very rapidly understand, that you do not represent that you are going to make. You take many leads and risks. As soon as you open position price here it goes against you, you are turned over, and she again goes against you, both again and again.

You attempt to compensate your losses doubling each time your transactions - sometimes this it operates, but more frequent no, and you leave in the abrasions and the bruises.

Well, this is first step - it is absolutely obvious that you nothing are able to reason in trading. This stage lasts week or two, but market is rapid and you pass to the second.

Stage the second: Realized incompetence.

Stage two - on it you realize, that there are much work, which must be carried out.

You realized your incompetence - you do not have habits or insight in order to derive regular revenues.

At this point you will “system shlyukhoy” - will be jump over from one method to the next day after the day, week per week, never staying so that to note actually the system it works. Each time when will appear new indicator you will be excited because “precisely it all it will change!”

You will test automatic systems into Meta-Trader, will play with MA, Fibo, by resistance and by support, by pivot, by fractal, by divergence, DMI, ADX, and with hundreds of other things, hoping in the depth of soul, which your “magic system” will earn today!

 You will catch ups and downs in the price with your indicators, attempting to find the precise point of revolution. You will be held for the losing exposed positions and even add on them, because you are assured that they are right.

You will see that other traders make pips and you will not know why this not you. You will assign millions of questions, some of them will be dull, being examined back you you will feel itself a little foolishly. 

You know as much as and they, they mean they will lie! But their calculations grow with each day, and your falls.

You will be as adolescent - traders, who make money will give advice, but you will be rested and will think that you know better. You will not listen to councils and you will take enormous arm for your calculation, all will indicate that you mad, but you know better!

            Stage the third: Evrika!

In proportion to the approximation toward the end of the second stage, you begin to understand, that main this is not system.

You realize that, generally speaking, it is possible to make money using simple MA, but only IF you hold yourselves in the hands and in you correct money of management.

You begin to read the books about psychology of trade and learn yourselves in the described characters. 

And enlightenment finally comes!

At this moment in the brain new connection appears.

You unexpectedly understand, that not you, not who or to another can accurately predict that market will make in following 10 seconds, to say nothing of 20 min.

You begin to work according to one system, which you adapt under yourselves, you become happier and know your “threshold of risk”.

You begin TO DEAL if your system he speaks [o] grow prettier the probability of gain.

If your position proves to be unprofitable you you are not angered, because you know that cannot predict it was this your error, as soon as you understand that position not into your benefit - you shut it. The following position will have the great probability of gain, because your simple system works.

You instantly understood that in the commercial game to the main thing is/are follow system and to disciplined accomplish transactions.

You learned to correct of money of management and arm and only now you realized the rightness of those, who gave councils to you in the past.

You were not finished, but now this is not so.

Evrika comes in that moment when you they honestly recognized that cannot predict market.

Then comes, the fourth stage.

Stage the fourth: Realized competence.

Ok, now you accomplish the transactions, when your system tells you to make this.

You receive losses so easily and gains.

Now you at the stage when your calculation varies in the fixed level, day after the day. Are weeks when you they won 100 pips and week when they lost 100. briefly you you balance and you do not lose money.

Now you realize, that generally speaking, you give good advice (predictions) and accumulate respect from other traders, with whom you associate in the chat room.

You still should work and think about the trade, but in the course of time you begin TO EARN MORE than to lose.

You begin day from 20 pips victories, then 35 pips of loss and in you do not appear feelings in regard to this. You returned these [pipsy], but you know that they will be returned.

You begin to stably make all more than pips in the week. 25, then 50, and ever more.

This lasts 6 months.

Then comes 5 stage.

Stage the fifth: Subconsious competence.

Here now, directly as governing automobile, you deal the whole day, making all at the subconsious level.

You work on the autopilot. You begin to work at large transactions and make 100 pips during the day. And this is normal for you.

This is commercial utopia. You govern emotions and you trader with the swiftly growing calculation.

You - star in the traders chat room. People listen to you. You learn yourselves in their questions of 2 years ago.

You advise, but you know that this rather it passes for nothing, because they behave as adolescents. Some of them I will reach your level. Someone more rapid, someone slower. Majority never will overcome the second level. But someone will reach.

Trade no longer excites. It became terribly dull as all in this life, that you mastered well. This is simple work.

Here now, with the proudly raised head, you can say “I - trader”.

thank you article helpfull newbie trade
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