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Auto optimizer: The library for automated optimization of an EA during its operation. Author: Igor Malcev
New article Applying network functions, or MySQL without DLL: Part II - Program for monitoring changes in signal properties has been published: In the previous part, we considered the implementation of the MySQL connector. In this article, we will consider its application by implementing the service
New article Library for easy and quick development of MetaTrader programs (part XXV): Handling errors returned by the trade server has been published: After we send a trading order to the server, we need to check the error codes or the absence of errors. In this article, we will consider handling
D1h41mFiverobot: Robot Trading D1h41m Five 2020 HantradeFX Author: marhan Lubis
CSV signals to Expert: How to load csv signals into your expert Author: Louis Stoltz
Corr velocity: "Corrected" velocity (smoother momentum). Author: Mladen Rakic
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JJN-Scalper: Scalper system. It shows the entry, takeprofit and stoploss levels. Author: Gordon Gekko
Optimize single Moving average trading: Optimize trading with a single moving average. This indcator tests each moving average and automatically finds the moving average which fits best to the current market Author: Thomas Quester
ATR adaptive Laguerre filter: ATR adaptive Laguerre filter Author: Mladen Rakic
waverider zigzag: This indicator is ZigZag based on Bill Williams Aligator Author: Barsam Mansouri
Multi Pair Pivot Point Scanner Alerts 1.8: Scans multiple symbols looking for when the price crosses a pivot point or when xxPoints Near or bounce off pivot then it alerts the trader. Author: NickBixy
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555 Scalper: 555 Scalper EA trades with two 5 exponential moving averages works on 5 minute frame major forex pairs. Author: Aharon Tzadik
New article Developing a cross-platform grider EA (part III): Correction-based grid with martingale has been published: In this article, we will make an attempt to develop the best possible grid-based EA. As usual, this will be a cross-platform EA capable of working both with...
stdlib.mq5: converted stdlib library for MQL5 from the MQL4 Author: jaffer wilson
Pending orders by time: The Expert Advisor sets pending Buy Stop and Sell Stop order at a specified time. Author: Vladimir Karputov
Linear Regression Study: Linear regression line with an addition of standard error channel projection. Linear regression attempts to model the relationship between two variables by fitting a linear equation to observed data. One variable is considered to be an explanatory variable, and the...
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Bago EA: The Expert Advisor applies iMA (Moving Avrage, MA) and iRSI (Relative Strength Index, RSI) indicators Author: Vladimir Karputov
Quadratic Regression MA: This is a Quadratic Regression MA as described by mathemat here It is a sort of a linear regression value variation, but faster in response to market changes. Author: Mladen Rakic
GMT Time on chart: The GMT Time on chart indicator is written for users who likes to see GMT Time on-screen while trading.For convenience,The indicator code is written simply and clearly. Author: Philip Pankaj
Normalized Price Indicator: By using this indicator you can see the normalized price of any chart! Author: Farhad Kia
Fractal Levels: A regular modification of the fractals by B. Williams. Author: lotos4u
New article Elder-Ray (Bulls Power and Bears Power) has been published: The article dwells on Elder-Ray trading system based on Bulls Power, Bears Power and Moving Average indicators (EMA — exponential averaging). This system was described by Alexander Elder in his book "Trading for a Living". The...
55 MA med FIN: This expert advisor uses an only one МА(55) PRICE_MEDIAN !!! Author: Konstantin
iVeryCoolSpectrometr: iVeryCoolSpectrometr Author: Dmitry Fedoseev
PYHighLow: Detect lenght of candlestick Author: Purnama Yasa
ZigZag NK FiboFan: ZigZag allowing to build Fibo fans on the last two tops. Author: Nikolay Kositsin
New article Filtering Signals Based on Statistical Data of Price Correlation is published: Is there any correlation between the past price behavior and its future trends? Why does the price repeat today the character of its previous day movement? Can the statistics be used to forecast the price...
Trend RDS: Trend detection based on the last three bars. Author: Vladimir Karputov
New article Displaying of Support/Resistance Levels has been published: The article deals with detecting and indicating Support/Resistance Levels in the MetaTrader 4 program. The convenient and universal indicator is based on a simple algorithm. The article also tackles such a useful topic as...
New article Guide to Testing and Optimizing of Expert Advisors in MQL5 is published: This article explains the step by step process of identifying and resolving code errors as well as the steps in testing and optimizing of the Expert Advisor input parameters. You will learn how to use Strategy...