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Chaikin's Volatility (2 lines): Chaikins Volatility (2 lines) indicator. Author: John Smith
Color ZigZag: Multicolor modification of Fast ZigZag. Author: Yury Kulikov
AbsoluteStrengthMarket: A tape indicator which defines the market state using the AbsoluteStrength indicator Author: Igor Durkin
RSI + MOVING AVERAGE: this is RSI indicator that has two moving average inside the window Author: Seyed Hadi Ghoreishimedyseh
OpenOrder (With Risk Management, TP and SL): OpenOrder script allows you to open an order defining the % of balance to risk, the Stop Loss distance in pips and the Take Profit distance in pips and a magic number. Author: MQL4AutoTrading
PZ Pivot Points: Yet another pivot points indicator, light and customisable. Author: Point Zero
Basic ATR based take and stop expert adviser: A ready made expert adviser template to use for further development Author: Kenneth Parling
Basic expert adviser with trailing stop: A basic ea template with trailing stop for further development Author: Kenneth Parling
Aroon Up and Down: The Aroon Up and Down indicator detects the local tops and bottoms on the chart. Author: Vladimir Lyopa
  Experts: Currency Strength EA  (48   1 2 3 4 5)
Currency Strength EA: This EA opens Buy or Sell trades in strongest or weakest pair. It cannot be backtested. Author: jp_forex
New article Library for easy and quick development of MetaTrader programs (part XXIX): Pending trading requests - request object classes has been published: In the previous articles, we checked the concept of pending trading requests. A pending request is, in fact, a common trading order executed by
Reflex: Reflex indicator (based on February 2020 TASC article by John Ehlers) Author: Mladen Rakic
IBS_RSI_CCI_v4: A simple trend indicator of the oscillator type. ‌ Author: Nikolay Kositsin
Natuseko Protrader 4H Strategy: An indicator by the Natuseko Protrader 4H Strategy Author: Юрий
New article Limitless Opportunities with MetaTrader 5 and MQL5 is published: In this article, I would like to give an example of what a trader's program can be like as well as what results can be achieved in 9 months, having started to learn MQL5 from scratch. This example will also show how...
FiboCalc: Allows to get the signals for entering and exiting the market. Author: Collector
HistoScalperEA: This expert is a tool to test any of my histo indicator (8) for testing and find better settings to trade.You can use separately one by one indicator or more of one or all together as a system.Expert need all indicators for working and generate signals. Author: Nikolaos Pantzos
New article Implementing a Scalping Market Depth Using the CGraphic Library has been published: In this article, we will create the basic functionality of a scalping Market Depth tool. Also, we will develop a tick chart based on the CGraphic library and integrate it with the order book. Using the...
Exp_breakeven_trailing_SL: The Expert Advisor transfers to break-even and/or trails positions on every currency pairs or only on the current one. Author: Oksana Berenko
Detection of the divergences: The lookup and display of the divergences of different classes based on the data of the base indicator. Author: Ihor Herasko
ATR ratio: The indicator of the ratio between fast Average True Range (ATR) and slow ATR. ATR ratio often reach high values after the prices quick and strong movements. Low indicator values often correspond with long periods of flat that can be observed on the market top and during consolidation....
New article Do Traders Need Services From Developers? has been published: Algorithmic trading becomes more popular and needed, which naturally led to a demand for exotic algorithms and unusual tasks. To some extent, such complex applications are available in the Code Base or in the Market. Although...
Training Chart Generator/Controller: Simple utility that makes use of offline charts to facilitate training by enabling bar-by-bar display - both forward and backward, as well as reset to a pre-defined date/time. Author: Seng Joo Thio
Universal 1.64: Universal trailing of positions and pending orders. Universal trailing of positions and pending orders. The Expert Advisor can also open positions and place pending orders. The EX can: Trail stop levels for orders of any type (market and pending), Apply scalping techniques, Track the...
New article How to Copy Trading from MetaTrader 5 to MetaTrader 4 is published: Is it possible to trade on a real MetaTrader 5 account today? How to organize such trading? The article contains the theory of these questions and the working codes used for copying trades from the MetaTrader 5 terminal...
N-_Candles_v6: The Expert Advisor searches for N identical candlesticks in a row. It buys on bullish candlesticks and sells on bearish ones. The account type is taken into account, i.e. whether it is netting or hedging. Author: Vladimir Karputov
New article Merrill patterns has been published: In this article, we will have a look at Merrill patterns' model and try to evaluate their current relevance. To do this, we will develop a tool to test the patterns and apply the model to various data types such as Close, High and Low prices, as well
BearsBullsPower: Indicator Bears and Bulls Power for MT5 together in one separate window. Author: Roberto Jacobs
Open/Close Charts: First script selects symbols (with spread below specified value) on the marketwatch, then opens charts applying stated timeframe and template.Second script closes all charts and deletes symbols on the marketwatch. Author: Mokara
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Trend_Catcher: The EA looks for trend using three MAs (period 200, 50, 25 or other) and opens orders using the Parabolic SAR indicator. There is martingale in an Expert Advisor, the lot is calculated in percents from a deposit depending on Stop Loss. Author: Dmitriy Epshteyn