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New article Building an Expert Advisor using separate modules has been published: When developing indicators, Expert Advisors and scripts, developers often need to create various pieces of code, which are not directly related to the trading strategy. In this article, we consider a way to create
Automatic Fibonacci Lines MrVB: AutoFibLinesMrVB indicator draws automatically Fibonacci levels on the chart. Includes Fibonacci channel. The lines have percentage value and price. Available Fibonacci levels: 0.0%, 14.6%, 23.6%, 38.2%, 50.0%, 61.8%, 76.4%, 100.0%, 123.6%, 138.2%, 150.0%, 161...
Average Speed: Calculate Average Speed of price. Author: Totom Sukopratomo
Larry Conners RSI 2: Simple Expert Advisor based on the Larry Conners RSI 2 strategy. This Expert Advisor uses three indicators, RSI (Relative Strength Index), fast Moving Average (5 period), slow Moving Average (200 period). The Idea of this strategy is to determine the general trend by using the...
Exp_CenterOfGravityCandle: The Exp_CenterOfGravityCandles Expert Advisor is based on signals of the CenterOfGravityCandles indicator. Author: Nikolay Kositsin
Hello. Kindly ask you to apply compare and marge options for Meta Editor. Best regards
Tick Chart in MQL4: This will create an offline chart for the ticks. Author: jaffer wilson
XFatlXSatlMACD: The MACD histogram, based on the FATL and SATL digital filters with color indication of trends. Author: Nikolay Kositsin
AutoFib TradeZones: Auto updating fib retracer showing zones for range trading/breakouts. Author: Benjamin Joshua Nash
New article Forecasting Time Series (Part 2): Least-Square Support-Vector Machine (LS-SVM) has been published: This article deals with the theory and practical application of the algorithm for forecasting time series, based on support-vector method. It also proposes its implementation in MQL and
  Experts: Stop & Limit Bots  (15   1 2)
Stop & Limit Bots: Two EA's. One places Stop orders the other places Limit orders. Author: Patrick Burns
Turbo JRSX: The indicator shows a trend. Author: John Smith
RSI-TC: Indicator RSI-TC. Author: John Smith
ZeroLag MACD Colored: The ZeroLag MACD Colored indicator is a modification of the ZeroLag MACD. Added coloring of the histogram bars relative to the previous bar, if the previous bar is below/above the current. Author:
Zigzag2_R_Color_HTF: The Zigzag2_R_Color indicator with the timeframe selection option available in the input parameters. Author: Nikolay Kositsin
Deep Drawdown MA: The EA opens positions at crossing fast iMA and slow iMA (Moving Average, MA). It has the function of outstaying the losses. It catches the type of the position in OnTradeTransaction. Author: Vladimir Karputov
Dynamic Candle Timer: The indicator shows: the remaining time on each candle, the changing value of the Bid price, tick by tick, the relative price position of the Bid/Ask spread. Author: JTrayder
DeleteAllObject : Simple script to delete all object on the current chart. Author: Mohamad Zulhairi Baba
RSI_Divergence: RSI Divergence indicator Author: Scriptor
MACD using QWMA: MACD that uses QWMA for calculation. Author: Mladen Rakic
Doubles comparer : Class for comparing two floating point variables. Author: DMITRII PECHERITSA
Elliott Wave Oscillator: A good oscillator for helping you count Elliot waves. Author: Hossein Nouri
Grid expert: This ea designed based on Grid sterategy . Author: Farshad Kojori Razeke
Automatic Fixed Scale with Top/Bottom Margins: This code was written as an indicator. It adds top and bottom margin to the chart. Both can be adjusted separately. Author: rkdius
Ichimoku Kinko Hyo2: Ichimoku Kinko Hyo (IKH) is an indicator that tracks the equilibrium of momentum and identify likely areas of support and resistance. The Ichimoku chart is composed of five (5) separate indicator lines. These lines work together to form the complete "Ichimoku picture". Author
  Experts: EMA CROSS  (10)
EMA CROSS: EMA_CROSS Expert Advisor. Author: Collector
FileLog: FileLog class for efficient logging at different levels. Author: Richard Gunning
  Indicators: Tipu MACD  (14   1 2)
Tipu MACD: Tipu MACD is one the popular indicators in the Market. The original code for Tipu MACD is modified by removing compatibility with Tipu Panel. This version of Tipu MACD is open for everyone who is interested in developing an Expert Advisor. Author: Kaleem Haider
Binary Options Simulated Trading Indicator for MT5: This is a binary options simulated trading indicator on MetaTrader 5 client, novice traders can use to practice trading strategies, program interface have simplified Chinese and English. Author: Leon Lam