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Export trade history to CSV: This script will export the trade history from MT5 selected between two dates. The resulting file is CSV that can be opened/imported with any spreadsheet software.Current version 1.0 does not add the takeprofit and stoploss. Any advice to improve this is welcomed. Author...
Higher period Bollinger Band breakout and retrace strategy: A higher period Bollinger band strategy used for trading reversals Author: Ashan Perera
Didi Index: Didi Index mql5 source code. Author: Rudinei Felipetto
CCI - double smoothed Wilder's EMA filtered with floating levels: CCI - double smoothed Wilder's EMA filtered with floating levels Author: Mladen Rakic
CCI - double smoothed Wilder's EMA filtered: CCI - double smoothed Wilder's EMA filtered Author: Mladen Rakic
Currency Strength Meter: Currency Strength Meter indicator gets RSI (Relative Strength Index) values from four different instruments of your choice and displays them in indicator window. Features Ability to set custom colors and styles for each instrument, Displays colored labels for instrument...
When an article submitted by a writer goes to the "Your article is being checked by moderator" status, does that mean that it has been provisionally accepted? I submitted an article which has been in that status since October 7, 2018, and I have received no message from a moderator about it.
Short Pending Order: When you drag this script onto the chart, it will calculate the price where you drop the script and use this price to figure out if a Sell Stop or Sell Limit pending order should be placed. Author: Marcus Wyatt
Ultra Trend - Zero Lag MA: Ultra Trend is an indicator that uses different period averages (usually it is JMA), checks their slopes and calculates the trend from those slopes. This version is using a "fast" (fast in response to market changes) Zero Lag MA for trend calculations....
Personal Assistant - The Next Generation: Personal Assistant The Next Generation is there to make your trading easy, basically it does what a real assistant does — provides information and executes your orders. Personal Assistant The Next Generation is an improved version of Personal Assistant EA...
GG-RiverFlow: This indicator informs you about the depth of the trend. Author: Gordon Gekko
Heiken Ashi ZoneTrade: This script is based on the 4th dimension of the Bill Williams chaos trading system. The advancement is that this script takes advantage of the Heiken Ashi candles. Author: Zenoni
Bollinger bands extended: Bollinger bands - extended Author: Mladen Rakic
Average Sentiment Oscillator: Momentum oscillator of averaged bull/bear percentages. Author: Benjamin Joshua Nash
OpenBuyLimitOrder: A script for placing a BuyLimit order Author: Nikolay Kositsin
WaveMTF: Indicator WaveMTF Bull and Bear System with Signal and Alert for MetaTrader 4 with options to display signal on the chart.with Signal and Alert, email alert, Push Notification and option to display trader info and signal. Author: Roberto Jacobs
M-oscillator: M-oscillator Author: Mladen Rakic
Simple harmonic index: Simple harmonic index Author: Mladen Rakic
Waddah Attar Win Expert: Sell when Up >>> Buy when Down Author: waddah attar
New article The Order of Object Creation and Destruction in MQL5 is published: Every object, whether it is a custom object, a dynamic array or an array of objects, is created and deleted in MQL5-program in its particular way. Often, some objects are part of other objects, and the order of object...
downloadhistory.mq5: The script downloads historical data (for the current symbol), available at trade server. The download progress is plotted using the CProgressBar class, proposed in The Price Histogram (Market Profile) and its implementation in MQL5 article. If error it prints error code (see...
Buyer and Seller Scripts with Stoploss and Takeprofit: 2 SCRIPtS TO AUTOMATE OPENING MULTIPLE POSITIONS SIMULTAINIOUSLY tith SL and TP Author: James Malwitz
RMA - multi time frame: Short description. Author: Mladen Rakic
M-oscillator - extended: M-oscillator extended Author: Mladen Rakic
RMA: RMA average Author: Mladen Rakic
Bullish and Bearish Engulfing: The EA trades based on the "Bullish and Bearish Engulfing" pattern. Author: Vladimir Karputov
New article MQL5 Cookbook: ОСО Orders has been published: Any trader's trading activity involves various mechanisms and interrelationships including relations among orders. This article suggests a solution of OCO orders processing. Standard library classes are extensively involved, as well as new...
Dynamic_Trend: The Dynamic Trend signal indicator draws a two-color trend direction line and adds signal arrows. Author: Scriptor
Trading Criteria: Trading Criteria EA trades with crrosing signals strategy has Trailing Stop Loss &Take Profit,display of trading criteria on chart,works with all time frames major forex pairs and stocks NASDAQ. Author: Aharon Tzadik
Double smoothed EMA - floating levels (multi time frame): Double smoothed EMA - floating levels (multi time frame) Author: Mladen Rakic