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ZigZag Pointer: The indicator is similar to ASCTrend, in my opinion it is even better. Works by the system: High - Low. Author: John Smith
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Signals: A solution for those who can not devote much time to the analysis of the current situation on the Forex market and to making correct and confident decisions, that are an integral part of online trading. Author: John Smith
Trendsignal indicator version 2: Trendsignal indicator with potential area drawn on chart. Author: pankaj bhaban
New article Universal Expert Advisor: Custom Strategies and Auxiliary Trade Classes (Part 3) has been published: In this article, we will continue analyzing the algorithms of the CStrategy trading engine. The third part of the series contains the detailed analysis of examples of how to develop...
New article Ready-made Expert Advisors from the MQL5 Wizard work in MetaTrader 4 has been published: The article offers a simple emulator of the MetaTrader 5 trading environment for MetaTrader 4. The emulator implements migration and adjustment of trade classes of the Standard Library. As a result,...
Percentage: This indicator will display current daily, weekly, and monthly percentage change. Author: Arif E. Nugroho
Chart_Period_Changer: A simple script for switching basic timeframes. It allows to change a chart period using hot keys. Three different versions are attached: Ascending;Descending;On loop. Author: Olegs Kucerenko
Messages Helpers: Various helper functions for sending messages of different types to different sources. U‌sage example: #include <Messages.mqh>// ....debug("Print debug message");debugAlert("Alert debug message");debugMessageBox("Show debug message box");debugNotify("Send debug...
Fundamental Trader DailyFX CSV MQL4: This Expert Advisor trades every news event that is scheduled to release on for the current week. The EA waits for the next news event to be released, compares the released economic data, determines which currency to trade and...
Moving Averages with Colors: "Classical" MA with a twist: colors change depending on the angle of the slope. Author: Mladen Rakic
Design patterns - Factory Method : An interface for creating an object that defers instantiation to subclasses. They decide which class to instantiate. Author: DMITRII PECHERITSA
Close All Orders by Current Symbol: This EA will show the button that can used to close all orders by the current chart symbol. Author: Gusti Risyadi Noor
New article Creating a "Snake" Game in MQL5 is published: This article describes an example of "Snake" game programming. In MQL5, the game programming became possible primarily due to event handling features. The object-oriented programming greatly simplifies this process. In this article, you...
New article Continuous Walk-Forward Optimization (Part 6): Auto Optimizer's logical part and structure has been published: We have previously considered the creation of automatic walk-forward optimization. This time, we will proceed to the internal structure of the auto optimizer tool. The article
EA For Stochastic Cross: The expert you see for cross-at Stochastic Designed.In this expert I used Stop and Target inputs for security.At the same time, there is a trade in between the two indicators.And it makes three SELL or BAY deals and can hold that trades until the next cross or target you
Price Heatmap: This indicator shows price heatmap using price histogram. Author: fxborg
Identify potential Trends/Range (Pivot Points) : The story behind this indicator is really interesting. I've published last week a script called "Identify potential Trends/Range (Pivot Points)" and a huge number of mql5ers contacted me to ask if it is possible to have it as an indicator. So I was
AlliHeik: Trading on indicator Heiken Ashi Smoothed Oscillator. Settings for placing Stop Loss, Take Profit, and Trailing the positions. Author: Vladimir Karputov
Explosion5: Advisor scalper. Trading algorithm: Candle[0]> Candle[1] * 2. Taimeframe - 4H && Day. Author: Vladimir Baskakov
M1MA indicator : M1-based Moving Average. It gives more adequate estimation of average price per bar compared to any standard price type (close, open, median, typical, weighted, etc). Author: Stanislav Korotky
Arrow and Smile: Arrow for input and Smile for output. Author: Jing Jie Huang
TMS_Arrows: TMS Arrows indicator Author: Scriptor
New article Deep Neural Networks (Part VII). Ensemble of neural networks: stacking has been published: We continue to build ensembles. This time, the bagging ensemble created earlier will be supplemented with a trainable combiner — a deep neural network. One neural network combines the 7 best...
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[EA] - Charles 2.1.5: Multi-currency EA, working on brekouts and stop-orders. Author: afabiani
hi in filehandle we can use const string name for filename. how we can use variable string? i want to create a file with current local time name: datetime tm=TimeCurrent(); string strtime=TimeToString(tm,TIME_DATE|TIME_SECONDS); string InpFileName=strtime; string fn="";
New article How to Export Quotes from МetaTrader 5 to .NET Applications Using WCF Services is published: This article will show you one of the ways to export quotes from MetaTrader 5 to applications written in .NET. Author: Alexander
New article Graphical Interfaces X: Updates for Easy And Fast Library (Build 2) has been published: Since the publication of the previous article in the series, Easy And Fast library has received some new features. The library structure and code have been partially optimized slightly reducing CPU...
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Time trader v2: Opens specified trades at the specified time Author: Tonny Obare
Design patterns - Builder : For a complex object separate its construction from representation. Same construction process can create different representations Author: DMITRII PECHERITSA
Trailing Stop EA: The TrailingStop EA manages an open position with a trader supplied Trailing Stop. If the trailing stop is less than the allowed stop, the EA changes it to the allowed minimum stop. Trader can run the EA on any chart even if the ticket number (s)he supplied is for a different...