How to plot smooth line in MT4 ?

Hi MT4 gurus,

I want to plot some indicator line in MT4 but when I use

function SetIndexStyle to draw the line, it joins all the

value for each bar with straigh line. Is there a way I can

"smooth" out the line so it shows teh curvy look at the

peak and valley ? I use DRAW_LINE, but there is no further

option where I can specify a curvy/smoothed line look.

Is this feature built-in and achievable in MT4 ?




RSTL Expert using gordago

Hi all,

I'v created an EA using the gordago program.

here's how the expert works.

Go Long

15m rtsl trend line must be below the current price.

5m rtsl trend line must be below the current price.

1m rtsl trend line must be below the current price.

all three must agree before entering a trade.

Standard deviation must be greater than value 0.0002 using period 7 on 5 min chart only. (Same as using standard juice values on 5 min chart although gordago does not use juice hence I use standard deviation)

So we have price movement.

ADX value must rise & is checked one bar back on 5 min.

Di + value must be greater than Di - on 5 min.

so were trading in the right direction at the right time.

Go short, just reverse all above values except ADX & standard Dev.

I'v been trading this manualy for about 2 weeks with good success, however I do have some issues.

1. EA does not work, that is why I have posted it here for your feedback.

2. RTSL.mq4 indicator was exported from gordago but does not display on screen even though on the chart properties it's attached. (I use Digfltr.mq4 for manual trading)

3. other people advice on this EA & maybe correct GSO or jorgka.mq4 file if i'v made mistakes or adjust to make it work.

4. add your own values to this EA to optimise it a little better.

Now the EA does show the smily face but does not trade at all.

Attached files. (

RTSL.MQ4 (Metatrader indicator)

RTSL.gso (Gordago Expert)

jorgka.mq4 (Gordago Expert converted to MT Expert)

jorgka.ex4 (compiled expert for MT)

digifiltr.mq4 (FATL,RFTL,SATL & RSTL indicator for MT4)


This is version 1.0. it's not gonna be perfect but hope for at least a platform to start of with.


Pipping potential for all

Files: 15 kb

Strange object shifting between timeframes


Has anybody noticed that some objects drawn on one timframe can be shifted in strange and out of control way while it is watched on another timframe. It seems to apply to switching from larger timeframe to a smaller one for objects which coordinates are out the smaller TF.

It is of great importance since while one draws a long term trend line on TF1D it could be in diffrent position when displayed on TF30.

Is there any clue to sort it out?

I am using MT4 biuld 190.

thank you for any help.


Code to mark entry point?

MT4 will indicate the price you entered with the horizontal line, but not the time. Is it possible to have a code that puts an "x" or dot on the chart where you entered? That would be nice to have if possible. It would also mean you could get rid of the extra horizontal line which clutters up an already busy tradestation.



Max Trades Request!!!

hi all

Somebody could tell me how I makes the maximum trades(to open many positions at the same time and the same pair) to add a EA?

Thus, instead of buying 1 Lot, purchase 0,3 + 0.3 + 0.3...

Btw, somebody can see this indicator and see the reason that it does not refresh... I dont know why but it stops in the time...

Thk u...

smi.mq4 4 kb

Using VT Trader

Hi I use VT Trader --------- NOW Metatrader of course...






Bollinger Band Fibo 20 on all ecept 1m chart, 18 all exponential, central line highlighted.

Moving averages

10, 25, 50, 75, 100,

Also 3 on1m chart highlighted in black to give a trail on the candles.

When price breaks above lines, buy. When below, sell. Once above the final line, should go to next fibo band level at least during non-volatile markets.

POST Edited.

Am now learning CatFX50 because my intraday trades resulted in a loss, not through the system, but smaller time frames were too emotionally driven, resulting in bad/inappropriate trades by me.


HELP with PerkyAsctrend1 EA

I use the PerkyAsctrend1 custom indicator from 3 AM EST until 12 noon EST and it is profitable every week. I would like to make this indicator into an EA. Is this possible?



testing update problem

i'm having trouble updating ask and bid prices when testing. when i run my logic live it works fine but when i run it to back test it doesn't update correctly. is it the back tester? it seems to have trouble looping for me.


Periodic Retrieval of Data

I would like to do periodic retrieval of data on a timed basis. The only way that I have found to accomplish this is with the Sleep() command within an Experts program.

Are there alternatives?

To illustrate what I am currently doing, I have attached two simple scripts and an expert program which contains only the body of these scripts and a Sleep() command.

Instead of combining and debugging multiple scripts into one expert, I would like to maintain my scripts separately and run them on a timed basis.

Is there a way to initiate a script from an expert without incorporating the script into the expert?


help me newbie

hello traders,

i have download aroon indicator from one website but that website gives only ex4 file so tell me how to use this file because in my metatrader i apply these file then no display is there so tell me sir how to use this indicator.