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Fibonacci OBJPROP_RAY_RIGHT property

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Tinashe Chipomho
Tinashe Chipomho 2016.05.16 06:37 


I am currently looking for help on how to draw a Fibonacci object on the chart with levels drawn starting from a specific time on the chart to another specific time on the chart. I noticed I can use the OBJPROP_RAY_RIGHT property but this is not working exactly as I hoped, if I draw the object with a start and end time very close to each other the levels (lines drawn) are not extending all the way to the right, and it looks like as the distance between start time and end time increases so do the lines of levels, they start to extend until they are all the way to the right, is there are way to simply control this my my code?

Keith Watford
Keith Watford 2016.05.16 07:19  
Try ObjectSet() and OBJPROP_RAY 
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