Coders Look - EA Retracement

I want to share a general idea which may be easy to code into many existing breakout style EA's.

We all know a signal like Silver Signal for example (Risk16) makes some pretty good signals if you wait for the signal to stick at the close. I wait for a retracement and go in for 10 pips manually. Works quite well.

Why not program a retracement X pips variable into some of these signal EA's and see if they will scalp more consistently.

Thanks for looking!


Dynamic Gann Levels?


Check this site out, this guy has mananged to cut a lot of the complicated info out of Gann and come up with a useful indicator that squares price and time DYNAMICALLY.

I know Foreverold likes the Gann method of trading and I think he will like this approach.

Can someone or has someone already got this code and created a indicator for MT4? I know it's an indicator on esignal EFS files library.

Even better if someone had the course to show how it works.


Adding Email alert to ema cross code?


I found the attached indicator on this forum, at this thread:

Thanks to the original coder. Does anyone know how to add a email alert and sound alert, so that when the emas cross an email is sent. I'm looking at a ema 40/10 cross system, and I keep missing trades when I'm not at my computer. So it would be great to get an email/sms when they cross so i can get my laptop out when I am at work.



Need help API metatrader login

Hello everybody,

I am in need for an advice regarding the API interface in Metatrader


I start the application and there is no way I can log in to my demo account at InterbandFX.

The status is


Port 1950



What shall I change???


Divide and Conquer

Just an idea, normally when we work with an indicator or design an indicator, we always give it two functions, detect break out as well as trend . For instance, a simple EMA cross can tell us the break out and trend, that is there is a break out if two EMAs cross, and the cross direction shows the trend. This is just a theory.

However, I hope we can seperate this two functions. Design function specified indicators to search for trend and break out signals, but not both. Main advantage of this idea is on systematic statistic strategy testing. We can generate different combinations to cover as many possibility as we can without repeating works. Since it's systematic, we can organize our resources, divide works into pieces, then construct results with mathematic tools. Hopefully this can show us some amazing facts.


Need help to fix this SMI


the attached SMI does not update in real time.

So I always have to switch timeframes back and forth to get the current reading. Not sure what is the problem, but I would really appreciate if one of you coders could fix it.

smi.mq4 4 kb
Eric Pedron
Eric Pedron  

Need Help. I just need a very simple EA

I tried to understand the coding, but everything just seems to go over my head. :/ I am not a programmer.

I just wanted to ask if someone know or can provide me with a EA code with the following criteria.

1. If price crosses 30 day EMA to the upside then buy long if the price on the next candle stays above the 30 EMA ( stop: 35, profit:3 )

2. If price crosses 30 day EMA to the downside then short if the price stays below the 30 EMA on the next candle. ( Stop: 35, profit: 3)

that is other complicated code needed



different backtesting results - same EA

I get different backtesting results when currencies suddenly begin making fast moves like 20-50 pips on a bar on 5 min chart. I get completely different result during 6 month period while spikes happen only for a short time. It is scalping EA with 3 pips profit. Any ideas? Thanks.


Update EA actions within Start Function

Hello Codersguru and other experts,

We know that the EA will update the calculations within the start function block when new tick arrives. However, sometimes for thinly traded pairs, there are lot of times when there are no new ticks coming in for a while. However, I want to force my EA to update the calculations within the start block every 10 seconds even if there is no updated ticks. I know I can use refreshrates, but it should be within some kind of loop. I am not getting that right. Can someone help me?




filter out the asian session

i think most technical trading system, and pattern system will become more effective if asian session data is ignored.

any change bettween usa close and european open, could be regard as a gap.

so, is there any way(a script or EA) to automatically filter the asian session data ?.

or anyother charting package can do that ?