Please help me with an indicator


I was wondering if anyone could code an indicator that plots up and down arrows on the chart, when there has been a Swing High or Low. I want to use these arrows when I draw Fibonacci retracements and extensions.

In order to apply Fibonacci levels to price charts, it is necessary to identify Swing Highs and Swing Lows. A Swing High is a short term high bar with at least two lower highs on both the left and right of the high bar. A Swing Low is a short term low bar with at least two higher lows on both the left and right of the low bar.

Is there someone who could do this ? please


Stochastic EA

I have an idea for an EA that I believe will be fairly profitable.

The EA based on the Stochastic Oscillator.

Here are the rules and I will give a screen shot to demonstrate.

When Both fast and slow lines cross the 80 then put in a sell position.

When Both fast and slow lines cross up over the 20 put in a buy position.

Also, I would like it, if possible, to be a always in the market type EA. Meaning that you would keep the postion "long" until the two lines cross down from the 80 and would like to keep in the position "short" until the two lines cross up from the 20.

Of course we would need to add in:

Take Profit

Stop Loss

Trailing Stop

If any of the above conditions get met, then the EA would just wait to open a new position when the two lines cross down from the 80 (short postion) or up from the 20 (long position).

I hope this EA and description makes sense.


What's wrong here??

Hello there,

these 2 indicators are supposed to be the same -- one for mt3 and the other for mt4.

why does the mt4 one lag the older one?

I had a look at the indicators themselves, and all the values / formulas looks to be identical between the 2.

Thanks for the help


buying or selling price

hello i'm new here. can i ask your assistance??

i have a indicator of moving average 5 exponential that i put in daily chart.

it works like this :

if the chart is open above mae 5, i place a buy order 10pips above mae5 with a stop loss 40pips (which mean 30pips below mae5) and target at least twice my stop (which mean 90pips above mae5)

it works the same with selling order. if the chart open below mae5 i place a sell price 10pips below mae5 with stop 40pips and target 80pips.

i combine my mae5 daily with stochastic 5,5,5. if the stochastic is overbought, i prefer put a sell stop 30pips below mae5 daily with a stop 40pips and no target.

can it be programmed in the metatrader 4? so i can see the price without calculating over over again?



Anyone have MT4 indicators to Scalpie?

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

I visited this link and it is written that Scalpie is the template in Ensign software. And not one even. Many.

I do not like "black boxes": scalPIE, Bambu ...

Looks like they invited the people to see their website.

But the photoes are interesting

You may write to them and ask. Seems they are some group of people doing the same things.


no response from forum members

though i posted my request for the above code and already two weeks is over .and still no reply from any forum members,comon guys participate actively



De-trended Fisher Transform

Hi. Correct me if I'm wrong but all the Fisher indictors currently out there use 'raw' price data. Problem is that in a strongly trending market, the Fisher transform seems to lose it's ability to predict turning points. Has anyone tried using 'de-trended' price data? You could also isolate the trending component of the same price series and use this to always 'trade with the trend'. Also, what about using the Hilbert dominant period as an entry/exit filter? Has any of this been tried?


how do I code this , please

Hi I would like to try this 7am break out ea how do i get it to work in meta 4 ?

Can I cut and paste it into the editor ?

Perhaps some one can give us a lesson so we all will know how .

Thanks in advance/


Name := 7am Break-Out Straddle System

Author := Robin Hood.

Link := bla

Separate Window := No

First Color := Blue

First Draw Type := Line

First Symbol := 217

Use Second Data := Yes

Second Color := Red

Second Draw Type := Line

Second Symbol := 218


Input: RefLinePrice(0);

var: nn1(0),nn2(0),nn3(0),nn4(0),nn5(0);

var: cnt(0);

var: midprice(0);

if Period > 240 then exit;

midprice = reflineprice;

for cnt = bars downto 0


SetIndexValue(cnt, 0);

SetIndexValue2(cnt, 0);


nn1 = MidPrice;

nn2 = MidPrice + (20*Point);

nn3 = MidPrice - (20*Point);

nn4 = MidPrice + (70*point);

nn5 = MidPrice - (70*point);

// High/Low Period Calculations

var: barsToday(0),barsYesterday(0),tmpBarsH(0),tmpBarsM(0);

var: HiLoBegin(0);

tmpbarsh = hour/(Period/60);

tmpbarsm = Round(Minute / Period);

barsToday = tmpbarsh + tmpbarsm;

barsYesterday = (24*60)/period;

hilobegin = barstoday + barsyesterday;






Comment("7am GMT Straddle System");

abdul iliaaz shareef
abdul iliaaz shareef  

EA testing

please test this EA and post changes to it.

suggested changes

1. trailing is not used.

If it uses trailing stop , it will do much better. Can someone please help?

2. It picks up a trade towards the turning point of the criteria , how to stop it from doing this?


I have attached the back test of the months Jan 06 - mar 06 with 56 % modeling quality.