MQL5 ReferenceCustom SymbolsCustomSymbolSetSessionQuote 


Sets the start and end time of the specified quotation session for the specified symbol and week day.

bool  CustomSymbolSetSessionQuote(
   const string      symbol_name,         // symbol name
   ENUM_DAY_OF_WEEK  day_of_week,         // week day
   uint              session_index,       // session index
   datetime          from,                // session start time
   datetime          to                   // session end time



[in]  Custom symbol name.


[in]  Week day, value from the ENUM_DAY_OF_WEEK enumeration.


[in]  Index of the session, for which start and end times are to be set. Session indexing starts from 0.


[in]  Session start time in seconds from 00:00, data value in the variable is ignored.


[in]  Session end time in seconds from 00:00, data value in the variable is ignored.

Return Value

true – success, otherwise – false. To get information about the error, call the GetLastError() function.


If the session with the specified session_index already exists, the function simply edits the beginning and end of the session.

If zero start and end parameters have been passed for the session (from=0 and to=0), the appropriate session with the session_index is deleted, while the session indexing is shifted downwards.

Sessions can be added only sequentially. In other words, you can add session_index=1 only if the session with the index 0 already exists. If this rule is broken, a new session is not created, while the function itself returns 'false'.

See also

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