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MQL5 ReferenceCustom SymbolsCustomSymbolSetDouble 


Sets the real type property value for a custom symbol.

bool  CustomSymbolSetDouble(
   const string              symbol_name,      // symbol name
   ENUM_SYMBOL_INFO_DOUBLE   property_id,      // property ID
   double                    property_value    // property value



[in]  Custom symbol name.


[in]  Symbol property ID. The value can be one of the values of the ENUM_SYMBOL_INFO_DOUBLE enumeration.


[in]  A double type variable containing the property value.

Return Value

true — success, otherwise — false. To get information about the error, call the GetLastError() function.


The minute and tick history of the custom symbol is completely removed if any of these properties is changed in the symbol specification:

  • SYMBOL_POINT — one point value
  • SYMBOL_TRADE_TICK_SIZE — value of a tick that specifies the minimum allowable price change
  • SYMBOL_TRADE_TICK_VALUE — one-tick price change value for a profitable position

After deleting the custom symbol history, the terminal attempts to create a new history using the updated properties. The same happens when the custom symbol properties are changed manually.

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