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2009.12.31 15:06

Channel ZZ - indicator for MetaTrader 4

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A brand-new version of the old indicator

Now it has more speed and functionality.

Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

Translated from Russian by MetaQuotes Software Corp.
Original code:

NettoTrading NettoTrading

The script allows to use MetaTrader4 as netting platform. It has some advantages compared with MetaTrader5.

Осцилятор на упрощённом алгоритме перцептрона Осцилятор на упрощённом алгоритме перцептрона

Две версии индикатора на упрощённом алгоритме перцептрона

Vortex Indicator Vortex Indicator

This indicator appears in the January 2010 issue of Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities.

Vortex Oscillator Vortex Oscillator

An oscillator version of the Vortex Indicator