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2009.10.21 12:09
2016.11.22 07:32
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Automatic marking of the chart by the time and the timer.

period of the marking is from 5 to 43200:

5 5M
15 15M
30 30M
60 1H
240 4H
1440 1D
10080 1W
43200 1MN

period there should be more than TF of the chart.

At a variable period smaller than TF of the chart and/or less than 5 - the indicator will not work.

The Alert works at achievement of a new line if variable TimeAlert is True.

TimeLines 1H

Some indicators can be used for more difficult marking.

TimeLines 15M and 1H

TimeLines 15M, 1H, 4H

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Original code:

Linear_Sinus_FT Linear_Sinus_FT

Индикатор Аппроксимации Синусоидальных волн.

The adviser on the indicator ZigZag. The adviser on the indicator ZigZag.

The adviser on the indicator ZigZag.

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MA-like indicator based on Hodrick Prescott Filter

Extended Awesome Oscillator (AO) with alerts Extended Awesome Oscillator (AO) with alerts

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