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2009.09.29 06:07
2016.11.22 07:32
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The description:

The modified version of program Trading Simulator, created for high-speed training, perfecting of strategy, testing of indicators, etc.

On that page look the detailed description of the basic functions, here I shall describe only new opportunities.

Break Points :

In the program is stipulated the function BreakPoint which puts a tester on a pause at achievement of the price of the set Top or Bottom value.

This function uses library dll, therefore it is necessary to allow for the adviser to do it:

BreakPoint can be used for

  • "Captures" of the exact moment of the price,
  • "Captures" of the points of an input, the analysis of a situation,
  • Or opening an order as though it was Stop or Limit Order.

    Values of Break Points

    are set by labels Training Upper Stop and Training Lower Stop, through property "Text", and sent for execution by shift of a label upward (by analogy to other controllers of the old version of the program).

    Trading Simulator v.2

    Modification of orders:

    Process of trade, especially manual strategy, often assume the flexible analysis of the changed situation. Therefore it is important to have an opportunity to change values Stop-Loss and

    Таке Profit.

    That it to make it is necessary:

    1. To change value Stop-Loss and \or Таке Profit in corresponding labels.
    2. To shift upward label Mod. of the corresponding opened order.
    Advice: Use a pause on a tester for the thought over change of parameters.

    The resume:

    So, now the program Trading SIMULATOR, at the simplicity allows to simulate almost all elementary trading operations.

    • Opening of market (immediate) orders manually.
    • Opening of the postponed(stop,limit) orders (through break points) manually.
    • Modifying and closing of orders manually.

    I think, work with Trading SIMULATOR will help you to avoid typical mistakes, and to save your money and nerves.

    Translated from Russian by MetaQuotes Software Corp.
    Original code:


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