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2009.06.27 07:28

A Tool: Horizontal Grid Plotter - script for MetaTrader 4

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AIS7HGP.MQ4 (6.33 KB)
AIS7HGR.MQ4 (3.87 KB)
A Tool: Horizontal Grid Plotter

Modification: 70101
Release Date: 2009.06.26

Copyright (C) 2009, MetaQuotes Software Corp.

Copyright (C) 2009, Airat Safin

Free Open Source Software


1. A Tool: Horizontal Grid Plotter is MQL4 program set for equidistant horizontal price lines plotting.
2. Program files:
   1.1. "AIS7HGP.MQ4" is horizontal grid plotter file;
   1.2. "AIS7HGR.MQ4" is horizontal grid remover file.
3. Copy program files in "../experts/scripts" folder.
4. Run MetaEditor and compile program files.
5. Run "AIS7HGP" to plot horizontal grid lines.
6. Run "AIS7HGR" to delete horizontal grid lines.
7. Input parameters:
   7.1. "aed.HGMax"   defines maximal price level of the grid in quote units;
   7.2. "aed.HGStep"  defines distance between horizontal price lines in quote units;
   7.3. "aed.HGMin"   defines minimal price level of the grid in quote units;
   7.4. "aei.HGColor" defines color of the grid;
   7.5. "aei.HGStyle" defines style of the grid according to following code table:
        7.5.1. "0" is solid line code,
        7.5.2. "1" is dash line code,
        7.5.3. "2" is dot line code,
        7.5.4. "3" is dash-and-dot line code,
        7.5.5. "4" is dash-and-double-dot line code;
   7.6. "aei.HGBackground" defines background or foreground plotting:
        7.6.1. "0" is foreground plotting code,
        7.6.2. "1" is background plotting code.
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