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2012.04.13 08:59

Percentage of Trend - indicator for MetaTrader 5

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Published by:
Biantoro Kunarto
votes: 19

The indicator values are calculated by this formula :

  • For first period (red color) = (Close - LowValue) / (HighValue - LowValue)
The value is between 0 - 1.
The higher value means uptrend, the lowest value means downtrend, value in the middle means sideway.
  • For second period (blue color) = (Close - LowValue)*-1 / (HighValue - LowValue)
The value is between -1 - 0.
The higher value means downtrend, the lowest value means uptrend, value in the middle means sideway.

where :

  • HighValue - the highest high for n period;
  • LowValue - the lowest low for n period;

Input parameters:

  • InpPeriod1 - First period for calculating trend;
  • InpPeriod2 - Second period for calculating trend;

Percentage of Trend

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