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2009.01.13 07:05
2014.04.21 14:53
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The long position is opened if the open price of last 4 bars and their maximum value increase simulateneously. The selling is perfomed at the opposite conditions.

Strategy Tester Report
Alpari-Classic (Build 218)

Symbol EURJPY (Euro vs Japanese Yen)
Period 1 Hour (H1) 2008.09.01 00:00 - 2008.11.17 23:00 (2008.09.01 - 2008.11.18)
Model Every tick (the most precise method based on all available least timeframes)
Parameters TrailingStop=30; StopLoss=0; Lots=0.1; magicnumber=777; PolLots=true; MaxOrders=0;

Bars in test
2334 Ticks modelled
1824694 Modelling quality 82.92%
Missmathced charts errors

Initial deposit

Total net profit
5543.67 Gross profit
5659.70 Gross loss
Profit factor
48.78 Expected payoff

Absolute drawdown
163.01 Maximum drawdown 913.99 (8.50%) Relative drawdown 8.50% (913.99)

Total trades
148 Short positions (% won) 146 (99.32%) Long positions (% won) 2 (100.00%)

Profit trades (% of total) 147 (99.32%) Loss trades (% of total) 1 (0.68%)
Largest profit trade
268.34 loss trade -116.03
Average profit trade 38.50 loss trade -116.03
Maximum consecutive wins (profit in money) 147 (5659.70) consecutive losses (loss in money) 1 (-116.03)
Maximum consecutive profit (count of wins) 5659.70 (147) consecutive loss (count of losses) -116.03 (1)
Average consecutive wins 147 consecutive losses

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Original code:

ZI_File_Functions_Full_Lib ZI_File_Functions_Full_Lib

A package of libraries with the file functions for working without the limitations in any directories.

NormalizePrice NormalizePrice

The function of adduction of the price to the correct form for the given symbol by means of rounding or discarding the excess.

HP Extrapolator HP Extrapolator

The indicator applies Hodrick-Prescott low-frequency filter to predict future prices

A Good EA by Paraboliс and Fibo Lines A Good EA by Paraboliс and Fibo Lines

A scalper by parabolic and Fibonacci.