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ZI_File_Functions_Full_Lib - library for MetaTrader 4

Vadim Zhunko | English 日本語 Русский 中文 Español Deutsch Português

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2009.01.13 07:05
2016.11.22 07:32


These libraries were created in a close co-operation with Ilnur. Without his knowledge of WinAPI they would not appear soon.

The package contains:
1. Four libraries.
2. One header file for all libraries.
3. Header file of the functions of the "kernel32.dll" system library.
4. The archive with everything listed above arranged by the MT4 folders.

List of Functions:

Main File Functions.
1. Function that opens or creates a file.
2. Function that moves file pointer.
3. Function of writinп the double accuracy value to a file.
4. Functio of reading the value of double accuracy from a file.
5. Function of writing the integer value to a file.
6. Function of reading the integer value from a file.
7. Function that writes the string into a binary file from the current position.
8. Function that reads the string from the current position of the file.
9. Function of closing a file.
10. Function of deleting a file.
Functions of File Operations for Writing and Reading Data.
11.Function "Operations for binary file of double accuracy data".
12.Function "Operations for binary file of array of double accuracy data".
13.Function "Operations for binary file of integer data".
14.Function "Operations for binary file of array of integer data".
15.Function "Operations for binary file of string data".
16.Function "Operations for binary file of array of string data". ABSENT.
Additional File Functions.
17. Function of detection of the pointer position in the end of the file.
18. Function of position of the file pointer.
19. Function of file copying.
20. Function of file moving.
21. Function that creates new directory.
22. Function that deletes existing directory.
23. Function that returns the code of the sytem error.
24. Function that returns the string description of the code of the system error.

Additions and Changes.

A package for working with the CSV files is planned to be made.

Translated from Russian by MetaQuotes Software Corp.
Original code:

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