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Trend RDS - expert for MetaTrader 4

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2008.08.21 08:04
2014.04.21 14:53

The trader can submit a time, the expert will analyse the 3 bars before this time and will conclude if it is an up trend or a down trend. Finally it will go in the opposite side or it will follow the trend (if reversed).

It can be used for news.


Examples :


Test first on demo.

Strategy Tester Report
InterbankFX-Demo Accounts (Build 217)

SymboleEURUSD (Euro vs US Dollar)
Periode15 Minutes (M15) 2008.08.06 00:00 - 2008.08.18 17:30 (2008.08.06 - 2008.08.30)
ModeleChaque tick (la méthode la plus précise, basée sur tous les moindres relevés disponibles)
ParametresLots=20; StopLoss=30; TakeProfit=0; StartHour="12:30"; CloseHour="21:00"; Reverse=false; TrailingStop=0; TrailingStep=1; BreakEven=50; MagicNumber=0; Repeat=3; Periods=5; UseAlert=false; SendEmail=false; TradeLog="Trend_RDS"; Slippage=3; Indicator_Setting="---------- Indicator Setting";

Bars en test1823Ticks modelés95595Qualité du modelage90.00%
Erreurs des graphiques désaccordés0

Dépot initial10000.00

Profit total net121486.00Profit brut151486.00Perte brute-30000.00
Facteur de profit5.05Rémunération espérée13498.44

Chute absolue400.00Chute maximal (%)33357.00 (25.00%)Enfoncement relatif33.60% (8400.00)

Total des Trades9Positions SHORT (vente) gagnées %6 (50.00%)Positions LONG (achat) gagnées %3 (33.33%)

Profits des Trades (% du total) 4 (44.44%)Pertes des Trades (% du total) 5 (55.56%)
Le plus largegains par Trade117886.00pertes par Trade-6000.00
Average (moyenne)gains par Trade37871.50pertes par Trade-6000.00
Maximumgains consecutifs (profit en $)2 (117886.00)pertes consecutives (perte en $)2 (-12000.00)
MaximalGains consecutifs (coups gagnants)117886.00 (2)Pertes consecutives (coups perdants)-12000.00 (2)
Average (moyenne)gains consecutifs1Pertes consecutives2

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