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2008.08.23 08:25
2016.03.29 14:05
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You can read it easily, if the signal line (level 2) crosses the zero line, you should prepare to moving of the price in the direction of the intersection, the formation of a top or a bottom represents a probable reverse or a correction. This kind of intersections and formations on the hystogram (level 1) are the confirmative signals.

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AMA Bands AMA Bands

Perry Kaufman's AMA with the double Bollinger bands.

Ball Ball

Bollinger bands.

up3x1 Investor up3x1 Investor

МТS performs a trading oriented at the panic, publishing of the important economical indexes at the FOREX market.

Murrey levels Murrey levels

The name is self-explanatory. The error that presented in the previous implementations is corrected here.