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2008.05.07 07:31
2016.11.22 07:32
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The system is based on volatility compression. The signal to enter is formed when the market forms the smallest candlestick among a certain amount of bars.

Rules of Forming Position Entering Signal

- At forming the next candlestick, the last 8 bars starting from the second-to-last one are calculated, and the minimum value is found.

- If the first bar takes the size value that is less than the minimum one, then we place:

· a Buy order for the maximum candlestick value + 1 point;

· a Sell order for the minimum candlestick value - 1 point.

Test Results:

The system was optimized for the period between 2007.06.01 and 2008.01.01. It is tested for the period from 2007.06.01 to the present time.

The best ever parameters are stop=65 profit=70.

A more detailed report and description of the trading strategy can be found in our magazine at:

All you suggestions concerning elaboration of the system are welcome at:

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Original code:

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