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2008.05.07 07:37
2016.11.22 07:32
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System OzFx to gain the profit of 100-800+ pips.

Security: EUR/JPY

Timeframe: Daily

Indicators used: Bill Willam’s Accelerator Oscillator (AC), Stoh

Trading lot: 0.1

System Rules

1. Attach the following indicators to the chart of EUR/JPY:
- Bill Willam’s Accelerator Oscillator (AC)
- Stochastic Oscillator with the parameters of K=5 D=3 L=3
2. Buying alert is generated when AC (green bar) meets zero mark from bottom to top while the fast line of Stochastic Oscillator is above 50.
3. Selling alert is generated when AC (red bar) meets zero mark from top to bottom while the fast line of Stochastic Oscillator is below 50.
4. When a trade is opened, five orders of the same volume will be opened simultaneously. For all orders, StopLoss is set for 100 points.
5. TakeProfit is set for +50 points for the first order, +100 points for the second order, +150 points for the third order, and +200 points for the fourth order. The fifth order is closed only when an opposite alert appears.
6. If the first order is closed with a profit, StopLoss for all other orders will be moved to the non-losing area.

You can find more details about the system here:
A detailed report about testing of this system is available in our magazine's issue from 03.03.2008:

Results Obtained for the Strategy with Standard Settings: StopLoss=100, TakeProfit=50,100,150,200,Stochastic=5.

Result Obtained for the Strategy with the Following Parameters
: StopLoss=220, TakeProfit=80,160,240,320,Stochastic=46.

Translated from Russian by MetaQuotes Software Corp.
Original code:


The system is based on volatility compression.

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