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2012.02.20 13:47
2016.11.22 07:32

This indicator builds curvelinear redrawing channel for each point of time. Therefore, it is meaningless to observe this channel's behaviour in history.

At the moment when the bars were located near the current one, the channel looked completely different than some time later!

This indicator was implemented in MQL4 and published in CodeBase at 29.01.2008.

at_Itp(t)Env indicator

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Original code:

SeNSetiVe SeNSetiVe

The trend indicator that gives signals for performing deals. The indicator color depends on the market movement direction determined by the indicator position relative to the zero line.

FP channel FP channel

The channel is based on the prices extreme values for a period. Central line, upper and lower channel borders values are determined by calculation of the Pivot Points used as assumed support and resistance levels.

CCalendarInputBox CCalendarInputBox

New CCalendarInputBox control element of the IncGUI library has been designed for date and/or time input.

iSimpleClock_v2 iSimpleClock_v2

Simple clock displayed via the "label" graphical object (OBJ_LABEL).