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2016.05.16 10:23
Author: Daqnar

Opening when moving against the trade for the period of 0-n1 by p1 points after moving towards the trade for the period of n1-n2 by p2 points. Closing by TP or SL. Optimization for GBPUSD M15 shows good results. The good thing is that the groups of similar parameters give similar results, much unlike the classic reoptimization, where a slight change in 1 parameter of any others leads to a drastic change in the operation. Also, the optimum parameters, selected for 1 parameter (for example, half a year), are normally suitable for the next period. The best MM according to the optimization of TP/SL - 2/1.

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Program for controlling testing and optimization Program for controlling testing and optimization

The program is designed to facilitate the routine work of the trader on testing and optimization of experts, performing sequential multi-currency, multi-timeframe and other types of tests and optimizations.

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The EA uses the values of the Stochastic indicator on the H4 timeframe to open a position, and after that it builds up based on the martingale principle.


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