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2016.05.16 09:41
Author: Igorad

Trend filter. In short, the RSIFilter fails on strong fluctuations, but handles the trend good enough, but if it get improved a bit, it could be able to give clear answers.

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Elastic Volume Weighted Moving Average (EVWMA), a natural replacement for the standard moving average.

EMAPredictive3 EMAPredictive3

This is a very simplistic method, one of the best in the signal processing and target tracking.

Traditional Itrend Traditional Itrend

Trend indicator with a multitude of settings. Displays the direction (red) and strength (blue) of the trend as a two-colored histogram. The main signals are the crossing of the zero line, reaching a new high/low, divergence.

Laguerre_ROC Laguerre_ROC

This is an advanced version of RSI. Laguerre converts the signals, so that low-frequency components lag much more that the high-frequency ones.