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2016.05.16 09:39

EMA-Crossover_Signal - indicator for MetaTrader 4

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Author: Jason Robinson (jnrtrading)

The indicator is very simple, and it requires certain mental and psychological efforts.

  • If there is a minus (for example, at 9:15) and if an opposite signal appears - CLOSE THE MINUS without a second thought, the plus will compensate it.
  • If news are coming - this system will not be helpful. Wait for the situation to calm down.
  • If there is 10 point fluctuation, it should not be used, it will only be a hassle.

    Signal for opening is valid only if the difference of EMA3 and EMA7 is at least 3 points.
    Otherwise, it is possible to get into a "snake" and have a dozen consecutive minuses, this happens in a thin flat. More...

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Original code:

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