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2016.05.16 09:38
Author: Semen Semenovich

A clearly visible fractal is required to determine a signal. The second point is the presence of an auxiliary (reference) peak. A signal line is drawn from the fractal through this auxiliary peak. When the indicator line crosses the signal line, an aggressive signal appears. At the same time, if the fractal was above the zero line and the crossing happened below the zero line, then this is a signal to buy the pair in question. More..

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Complex_Common Complex_Common

This is an impulse or signal indicator. It is very sensitive and quickly responds to the price movements.

Bunnygirl Cross and Daily Open Bunnygirl Cross and Daily Open

Based on the intersection of the averages. The author of the system states that about 90% of the trades are positive. And considering its exit strategy, it is possible to collect a rather big profit during a trend.

DayImpuls_T3_v2 DayImpuls_T3_v2

The modified version of the DayImplus 1.1 indicator.

EMA-Crossover_Signal EMA-Crossover_Signal

The indicator is very simple, and it requires certain mental and psychological efforts.