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2016.04.26 16:27

TD_Points&Lines_mgtd1 - indicator for MetaTrader 4

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Author: Vladislav Goshkov (VG)

DeMark indicator - changed the rendering of the TD lines. The previous did not always work correctly - bot always both the TD points were moved, and it was necessary to "juggle" the indicator. Now they are simply removed and drawn anew. The upper and lower targets are drawn in different colors. Everything is drawn, projectors and the average price alike.

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Original code:


The "Trend Detection Index" indicator is a modified "TDI" indicator.

TD Sequential TD Sequential

Sequential is an automated trading system developed by Thomas DeMark.


Triangular Moving Average (TMA). The main weight goes for the average part of the price series. In fact, they are double-smoothed simple moving averages.


True Strength Index (TSI) is a double-smoothed Momentum. TSI follows the bars with little or hardly noticeable delay in the main and intermediate trend reversal points.